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Taking Submissions: Sick City Syndrome

June 1, 2015

Deadline: June 1st, 2015
Payment: 5p/word
Note: Not your usual anthology submission so may be of extra interest

What if it was accepted that there really were ghosts? That mediums could actually talk to the dead. That your dearly departed continued to exist on a spiritual plane adjacent to ours and that at certain places, or in certain people they could manifest?
What if those that disbelieved, that advanced a scientific explanation, are the kooks, freaks and loonies?
What if neither model of reality were actually true and there was a third group, of conspiracy theorists, that were right?
But which conspiracy? Is it aliens? Are the government spiking the water supply with experimental drugs? Are the military testing new subsonic weapons?
Someone, somewhere knows the truth.
This is the set up for Sick City Syndrome -my second novel & if you’re a writer I want your help. So I’m asking for submissions.

Lauren Beukes got her writer friends to write blog posts, news articles and the like for one of her books to help with the worldbuilding and that’s what I’m looking for.

I’d like news reports, blog posts, twitter conversations, other social networking, TV, radio, internet, academic article abstracts etc The novel will be set in the modern day, in “the City” (which will be closely modelled on Bristol of course) but there’s no reason the articles need to be set in the modern day.

I’d like a mix from all three viewpoints, choose one and give me a maximum of 750 words.

If I use your piece (in any way – Some will be published on this website – http://petewsutton.com/sick-city-syndrome/, some will go in the book itself) you will be credited and I’ll pay you 5p/word (upon publication)

Send your pieces to BRSBKBLOG (at) Gmail.com by the 1st of June 2015.



June 1, 2015