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Taking Submissions: Handbook For The Dead

June 1, 2019

Deadline: June 1st, 2019
Payment: $20 and a contributor’s copy

OPEN CALL for a new anthology from Anubis Press! HANDBOOK FOR THE DEAD will be open for submissions until June 1st. What we are looking for are stories about real life paranormal experiences (ghosts only) with some factoids about the paranormal, such as beliefs, theories, popular explanations, evidence from cases similar to yours, and investigation methods, included with the story, much in the way information is listed in handbooks. The objective of this anthology is to offer readers some paranormal stories as well as insight into the entire paranormal phenomena.


1) Do not send fiction stories. These are stories alleged to be true.

2) Stories about ghosts and hauntings only. These are to be personal experiences, family stories, or tales of local haunts (local to you).

3) Stories should be no less than 1000 words.

4) Make sure to list the factoids. They are a required part of the submission.

5) List factoids separately from the story. Do not include them in the tale. List them in the same document, just make sure they are separated from the story.

6) Factoids can be from another source, or they can be your own theories or investigation methods. If they are your own, explain why you believe what you believe and/or why you investigate the way you do. If the information is from another source, list the source and explain thoroughly.

7) No more than two submissions per person.

8) All stories must be attached as word.doc or docx only. Do not send any other file types and do not paste stories in the body of the email.

9) Email submissions to [email protected] and include the following in the subject line: HANDBOOK <story title> <your name>.

If the guidelines are not followed, the story may be declined automatically.

DEADLINE: June 1st
Your payment if accepted: $20
If accepted, you will receive a contributor’s copy.
If accepted, you will be able to purchase author copies at cost (whatever it costs us, including any taxes and shipping).
It might be some time before responses are given, so please be patient.

We look forward to hearing your stories and knowledge.

Thank you,

The Frightening Floyds.

Via: Anubis Press’s Facebook.


June 1, 2019