WiHM 2023: Wicked Women

Wicked Women

by: Amy Grech


Never underestimate the power of strong women hellbent on righting wrongs. Fierce female protagonists who rely on their cunning frequently take center stage in my work. I enjoy delving deep into the female psyche, so they can execute swift vengeance on the male counterparts who wronged them.


My crime novella Alphabet City is my most brutal work to date. It’s set in NYC’s gritty Alphabet City, where a young, aspiring author, Ruby Fuji meets Dr. Trevor Braeburn, a devious eye doctor looking for a thrill. She invites him up to her apartment, a potent cocktail of overwhelming lust, coupled with lax inhibitions leads to poor judgment on Ruby’s part, with deadly consequences for the young girl. A few weeks later, Ruby’s older sister Gia seduces Trevor and their father, Mr. Fuji seeks redemption after Gia lures the doctor back to their apartment. It’s extremely visceral, with lots of unexpected twists and turns…