Deadline: December 30th, 2018
Payment: $5.00 for stories under 5000 words and $10 for stories over. 1 contributor’s copy

For the Creeping Dread Anthology

From the slow degradation of society to the rotting of holy places. We want your stories about the corruption of basically good things into something far worse. Stories about cultists transforming into monsters, or undeath spreading across the land. We want to experience the inescapable dread of oncoming corruption that can’t be escaped. As with other submissions, there are some basic guidelines:

  • Violence, sex, and gore must be pertinent and interesting to the story.
  • Anything too gratuitous will be rejected.
  • Racism/Sexism/Bigotry of any form will never be accepted here.
  • Double check your grammar and spelling.
  • Format your story correctly.
  • Please submit all stories in DOC/RTF format.
  • Reprints are ok, please include original publication information.
  • We retain exclusive publishing rights for 12 months.
  • We pay $5.00 for stories under 5000 words and $10 for stories over.
  • We also provide a contributor copy at no cost. (additional copies can be bought at print cost)
  • Deadline is 12.30.18

Send all submissions to [email protected]

Via: Deep in the Heart of Madness.

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