The Witch King’s Cocktails of Fiction

The Witch King’s Cocktails of Fiction

By Amanda Headlee

Something intoxicating this way comes in the guise of storytelling and rum liqueur. When Witch Kings Rum was founded in 2020 by Maxi Tin-Bradbury and Brandon Bizzle, they had a dream to meld their vegan, gluten-free rum with fantastical worlds of fiction. 

This year Witch Kings Rum teamed up with author Jamie Ryder, who is celebrating his debut novella At the Dead of Dusk, to concoct ready-to-drink cocktails that are based on characters from Ryder’s Tales of the Frontier universe. 

Hammer of The Witches is inspired by the protagonist of At The Dead Of Dusk, Clay McNab. He’s an infamous witch hunter who is tasked with transporting a young woman across a land of darkness in the novella.