Taking Submissions: Techno-Goth Cthulhu

Techno-Goth Cthulhu

Deadline: Apr (1st?) 2012
Payment: $20

Hello and welcome to another Red Skies Press anthology. I am Mark Crittenden, and I will be hosting this anthology of Sci-Fi/Horror stories based upon the Cthulhu mythos, with a Cyber-goth/Cyber-punk slant. Your story may take place in any setting: futuristic, post-apocalyptic, modern, old-world, parallel universe…the more boundless and strange the better. You may bend between genres as you see fit, but there must be a very strong horror element and the concept of dystopia found in most cyber-punk is a plus. The most unnerving and sharply-written stories will be accepted. Stories must be perfect to near-perfect edits.


Please use standard writing format: paragraph indents, single spacing, do not underline, use quotes when necessary, etc,.. Please include your name, your story title, a brief bio of 100 words or less, and the approximate word count. We are asking for stories with a word count of 4,500 minimum. No maximum word count (but anything above 10,000 you may want to query first). Do not send serial excerpts from a novel. Your story should be a stand-alone which is composed only for the purpose of this anthology.

***********NO REPRINTS***********

What to send: Send your story to ( [email protected]) as an attachment in Word .doc or .rtf format with the subject line as “Techno-Goth- (your story title)”. Electronic submissions only. No simultaneous submissions. In other words if you have submitted your story elsewhere, we don’t want it.

Payment for each story will be $20.00 U.S., flat rate.


Submissions period will be from Oct 1st, 2011 through Apr 2012. This deadline can be extended or moved up based on the speed at which the anthology fills. Please watch the pro boards for any updates or changes. Good luck authors!

[via: Red Skies Press.]