Epeolatry Book Review: Symphony of the Damned, ed. TroyAnthony Schermer


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Title: Symphony of the Damned
Author: Various, ed. TroyAnthony Schermer
Publisher: Savage Realms Press
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 16th April, 2022

Synopsis: From Savage Realms Press comes a dark and twisted tome with over 400 pages of skin-crawling, spine-tingling horror that is sure to make you sleep with the lights on!
This eclectic mix of the macabre and the maniacal features 27 tales of terror:

  • A man purchases a painting by the notorious serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.
  • A night of seemingly harmless flirtation brings a woman much more than she bargained for.
  • A journalist’s interview for a human-interest story quickly evolves into a living, breathing nightmare.
  • A man’s dream of making contact with extraterrestrials has unforeseen consequences.
  • While investigating a beautiful and mysterious planet, the crew of the Starship Tigris quickly discovers that all is not the paradise it appears to be
  • A doctor’s emergency house call results in a truly horrifying discovery
  • In a near-future dystopia, stringent laws are passed dictating how men can interact with women
  • A couple receives a phone call from their daughter on the 15-year anniversary eve of her death
  • An elite team discovers the sole lifeform on a deserted planet is carrying a deadly secret
  • A bus ride takes an unexpected detour into the gruesome and the macabre
  • and many more