Epeolatry Book Review: Splinter and Other Stories by Alex Wolfgang


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Title: Splinter and Other Stories
Author: Alex Wolfgang
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: 31st May, 2020

Synopsis: Splinter and Other Stories, the debut horror collection by Alex Wolfgang, follows the surreal struggles and fractured hopes of its ill-fated characters.

Two lovestruck travelers form a sinister bond. A man is given the power to liberate prisoners from their mysterious captors. A woman is plagued by visions of her childhood trauma. An alien entity discovers its true nature – to the detriment of a small community.

These ten short stories will horrify, devastate, and haunt you as they untangle their twisted realities.

There’s nothing like reading a complete story in one sitting from start to end that leaves me feeling dread, disgust, shock, and/or amazement. And so, I think horror works best in short form, and I’ve had many agree.

Alex Wolfgang does a stupendous job delivering on all of these feelings throughout Splinter and Other Stories. Whether you’re looking for a gross out (‘Mandibles’), or a sci-fi thriller (‘God of the Complex’), or even something in the vein of Weird fiction (‘Vegetation’, ‘Splinter’, ‘Travel Bug’), it’s all here.

Based on the range of Alex’s freshman collection, I know he has an awesome career in horror ahead of him. I’ll purchase anything he puts out in the future.

 out of 5 ravens.

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