Trembling With Fear 12/12/21

And the storms continue. Last week I mentioned Arwen, this week we’re being battered by Barra – nor have we had our damage fixed yet! I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get a bit of a breather soon, especially those poor souls up North who still have no electricity. I’ve started my non-horror novel, an alternative history set in a Napoleonic UK in 1914. There is humour in it and I’m doing a lot of research about the Edwardian times. It’s great fun and a lovely change to the dark side. Do you write in other genres or do you stick to just the one?

I had the pleasure of chatting with writer Kev Harrison on the Dark Fusion podcast last Sunday. He has a couple of great novellas out, The Balance and Below. Both of which I’ve read and I’d highly recommend him to others – he also has a number of short stories in many anthologies so look out for those. I also finished a collection of stories by Elford Alley, The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories. The tales felt refreshingly original and were often interlinked, a ploy which worked extremely well. Alley has a real talent for a haunting tale and I’ll be watching out for him in the future.

Our first story in this week’s Trembling with Fear is In the Straw Maze by Nick Dinicola is a great story which completely subverts the idea of a child trying to reach its parents. An original idea full of atmosphere and pace. An excellent piece of writing.

Dig Two Graves by Robyn O’Sullivan is a tale of be careful what you wish for. Sometimes fate can rebound in the strangest ways.

Last Laugh by Catherine Berry is a warning to those who mock and sneer at others, making assumptions based on their appearance. The link between the first line and the last couple is quite clever.

Something Wicked This Way Thumbs by K.A. Williams has an unexpected ending which turns the tables in a neatly dark manner.

Enjoy our stories and send in yours!




Stephanie Ellis

Editor, Trembling With Fear

At this time, I’m done with my final for my current course. Huzzah! Now the waiting game for finding out my grade. Almost as bad as that feeling when you send a story out for an anthology submission!

On the upside of things, it sounds like our new mailing list software has been working great so that will be continuing as is for the time being.

In case you missed it, we’re currently giving away multiple digital copies of the anthology ‘Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth, And Babies’ edited by Deborah Sheldon!

Finally, I’m starting to talk to a couple people about a way we might be expanding further into the world of drabble. More soon! 🙂

Stuart Conover

Editor, Horror Tree