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Taking Submissions: Soup of Souls

Soup of Souls

DEADLINE: March 31st, 2011
PAYMENT: ½ cent per word paid upon publication

What we are looking for:

Stories of up to 5000 words. Horror stories with a moral. Think “The Boy who Cried Wolf” and then make it horrific. I will only choose one story based on one moralistic story or idea so please let me know what you have chosen so I can list it for possible contributors to see.

How we want it:

Please send your stories as an attachment to [email protected] with an introduction, bio, word count, story/idea and Paypal information in the body of an email. Text should be Times New Roman 12pt single spaced, all paragraphs indented and no gap between paragraphs. Scene breaks should be represented by three * * * with two spaces between each asterisk.

Reprints, Multiple and Simultaneous submissions:

We will not accept any of these for this anthology. We want brand new stories – never before seen. We also do not want to be messed around with losing stories because they were submitted elsewhere. Please submit to Panic Press and only us. Please send just one story to this anthology. Should we reject your story then please feel free to send us another one – not before.


We are purchasing first world rights for a period of one year after publication. After which, all rights will be returned to you. Once rights are returned, you are the free to submit your story as a reprint elsewhere, but we ask that you mention that it was published first in Soup of Souls.


We are offering ½ cent per word paid upon publication via Paypal only. Make sure your Paypal information is included in your submission.

Please note, no payment will be made without the signing of the contract which will be sent out upon acceptance.


We are open to submissions now and close March 31st 2011. Panic Press reserves the right to close to submissions if we have enough stories to fill the anthology before the deadline.

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Taking Submissions: DEADication


Deadication is the first anthology to come out of Panic Press and as Zombies seem to be on the up at the minute, we thought we would start the New Year with a zombie antho for all you flesh eating fans! The anthology will be edited by myself S.E. Cox, editor of Panic Press and illustrated by talented artist, Darren James who designed the cover. The introduction will be writen by Darren James, introducing the origin of the zombie myth.

Submissions are open now and will close 1st February. Estimated publication time is the end of February

Deadication Guidelines

What we are looking for:
25 stories and poems dedicated to all things zombies. We want well written zombie tales in any era, be it the end of the world, the future, the past, as long as it’s interesting and well written, we want it. Minimum word count 500 words and maximum 2000 words.

How we want it:
No fancy fonts, Times New Roman is fine 12pt. Please indent all paragraphs, no hard returns after paragraphs and indicate scene breaks with ***

Please send us your story as an attachment with a short cover letter and bio of no more than 100 words in the email. Send all submissions to [email protected]

Payment is 1/4 cent per word and a pdf copy of the book. We also have a royalty program in place where if someone purchases a copy of the book quoting your name either on the order or emailing me directly, you receive $5 for every book that you sell.

Payment will be sent via paypal and only paypal upon publication. No monies will be paid until you sign and I receive the contract.

We are accepting new stories and poetry and also reprints. We will be purchasing First World Rights for a period of one year, after that all rights revert back to you.

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