The Iconic Horror Games Writers Can Use For Inspiration

Over the years, the horror genre has been filled with material from a variety of different mediums. For many, movies enabled them to experience this particular category of entertainment in all its glory, while for others, novels were the go-to option. Another hugely popular horror-filled medium is in the gaming world, with an array of iconic releases coming to the fore throughout the history of gaming. 


After all, there’s no genre that can make you feel alive quite like horror games do. Of course, other titles have their appeal, too, be it all-action shooters such as Call of Duty: Warzone or online slot games like Panther Moon, but horror games elevate the all-around gaming experience a great deal further thanks to the array of emotions the average horror-themed release evokes. From endless mortality to creeping tension, alongside the typical jump scares, it’s a genre of gaming that has not only entertained but also inspired. For writers, these types of games can give them a new angle or storyline to pursue. Essentially, horror games have enriched the overall genre and have played an integral role in many peoples’ love for all things horror.