Taking Submissions: 2012 zombie (or other creeper) DOOMSDAY shorts

2012 zombie (or other creeper) DOOMSDAY shorts

Deadline: September 30th 2011
Payment: Contributor’s Copy

I’m looking to produce an anthology dealing with possible DOOMSDAY scenarios relating to the date DECEMBER 21st, 2012. It can be ZOMBIE or OTHER such creeper-related–> Make giant mutant SQUIRRELS feast upon the humans, if that tickles your fancy!!! Let your imaginations run WILD!!! Payment will be a free copy of the book for ALL selected shorts and I will have each story edited by an excellent editor. It can be original, first run stories or ones you’ve submitted before, no problem, as long as you have the rights to re-publish.

Stories need to be between 4000 – 7000 words and be related to 2012 doomsday scenarios. The final cutoff date is 9/30/2011, or until the spots are filled.

*Single-spaced and done in WORD/doc form, if at all possible. I will fine-tune formatting when the time comes.

No scenes involving rape, but be as otherwise violent as you want….necessary language is also acceptable. Have fun with it!!!

YOU retain ALL rights to your story.

Thank you!

Ryan Miller
[email protected]

[via: Facebook Posting.]