How Do Horror Writers Popularize Their Content

How Do Horror Writers Popularize Their Content

It’s not uncommon to have writers create stories that never leave their personal computers. Sometimes, it is because they don’t know how to promote and popularize their content, so they leave it lying on their personal space and go on to writing the next one. If you’re one of such writers in the horror niche, then this article is for you. 


As a person, you probably use social for a variety of things. So who says you can’t use it to promote your content as a writer. These platforms have an audience and can connect you to a group of readers waiting to consume your horror stories.


If you are already a self-publishing author, then you’ve probably spent tons of hours online already trying to market your work. Thankfully, there are several popular outlets that you can use to promote your horror content and get the recognition that you deserve. 


What you need to do is interact with the people on various platforms and forums. Before you go about promoting your book, make sure that other people on the forum know you as an active participant. That’s why you need to interact regularly to establish yourself in the group by joining in their conversations and discussions. This opens them up to you and makes your content more acceptable when you start promoting it to them. 


You can use several platforms to popularize your horror content, and these are a few of them.



This is probably the go-to platform for an author trying to market their book on a budget. The first thing to do is to create an author page for your horror writings. Then you start the hard work of getting people to like the page. We recommend that you consistently put out short horror stories to attract your target audience to the page and become more visible in this niche. 


Also, don’t forget that Facebook is monetized. So, while you are able to reach a small number of people with your short story posts, you will be able to reach far more people by paying a token to promote your posts. This is what it means to boost your post. Ideally, you will get a prompt to boost your post after posting on your page. If you choose “yes,” then you have to decide how much you are willing to spend. This determines how much exposure the page gets. 


An effective way to use Facebook is to join different Facebook groups in the horror genre as a writer. Thankfully, there are several such groups that you can participate actively to get more people to like your page and your writing and easily popularize your content. According to dissertation help, some of the popular horrors writing groups on Facebook are:

  • Horror Writers
  • Horror Writers Net
  • Horror Readers and Writers
  • Horror Promotion
  • Horror & Paranormal Authors & Readers
  • Book Heaven 
  • Pimp Your Books



Twitter has 280-character limits per tweet, so you have to use it briefly and cleverly to be effective with it. For example, if you post the cover image of your book and add a link to your site, you have far fewer characters to write with. So, you have to think small. 


Also, with Twitter, you must endeavor to use hashtags on all your promotional tweets. It makes a lot of difference and can massively increase the number of people that see your tweet. In addition, the hashtag must be related to the post, making it easier for people interested in that hashtag to find content in that niche. For instance, since you are writing in the horror niche, you can add a hashtag like #horrorbook. This makes your post more visible for people that love horror books.


You can use multiple hashtags on each tweet to be more effective but make sure that they are all relevant to your tweet. For example, some of the relevant hashtags that you can use for the horror niche are #Horror, # ScaryStory, #HorrorStory, #Paranormal, #Scary, #mustread, etc. 



There’s a subdivision in the Reddit community, called “subreddits,” with the letter “r” as a preface. With Reddit, you can promote your horror content to a large audience like r/books, or you could promote to a more specialized community, like r/horrorlit. The individual subreddit are chat spaces that focus on specific subjects. Anyone can open a conversation by raising a topic and replying to other people’s comments as well. The more response a conversation gets, the higher it is listed on the page. 


Ensure that you are looking to the right sidebar on each subreddit you are on so that you can find other related subreddits and the page rules as well. For example, while some pages allow authors to promote their content, others don’t let it, and others create special threads or special times for self-promotion. 


Some of the popular groups in the writing and horror niche are:

  • r/books
  • r/horror
  • r/WritersOfHorror



This is another platform that you must consider to promote your horror content online. It is not as popular as the others, but it is as effective. This Amazon-owned platform gives readers a free hand to search the extensive database of books, reviews, and annotations. Users can sign up, post their titles, create a list of the best book suggestions, etc. It is also possible to create polls and surveys, discussions, and blogs. However, you must ensure to read the rules before you post anything. If you are known to only post promotions without participating actively in the community’s discussion, you will likely be ejected from the group. Some of the popular groups on this platform are:

  • Horror Aficionados
  • Witches, Weres, and Vamps, Oh MY!
  • Paranormal and Horror Lovers. 



More people need to learn to promote their content as a writer, especially in the horror niche. Thankfully, it is not as complex as it appears. Several platforms can help you achieve this, and these are only a few.

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