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Taking Submissions: When The Sirens Have Faded

July 13, 2019

Deadline: July 13th, 2019
Payment: $15 and a contributor’s copy

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre famously asked viewers, “Who will survive, and what will be left of them?” The film itself focused much more on the first half of the question. With the anthology When the Sirens Have Faded, A Murder of Storytellers wants you to dig into the other: “What will be left of them?” When the sirens have faded, and the police are gone, where do the final girls go? What does the child do after they’ve been exorcised, when the demons have stopped bumping in the night? Is the past ever the past? Does horror and the trauma it brings with it ever actually die?

We’re looking for short fiction (under 6,000 words) that dives into the lives of people who live through the horror movie. We want to see how it’s changed them. We want to see if the monsters are ever actually ever gone. We’re looking for the intergenerational effects it has. Think Halloween 2018, Scream 2. The horror should still be there, but we want to know if healing can take place alongside or beside it.

All submissions should be in Shunn Manuscript formatting.

All submissions should be previously unpublished.

Submissions will be open until July 13th, 2019.

Payment is $15 and a contributor copy upon publication.

Via: A Murder Of Storytellers.


July 13, 2019