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Taking Submissions: Untitled Superhero Anthology Set In The 5 Second Rule Universe

July 31, 2023

Deadline: July 31st, 2023
Payment: $75 and Royalties – 50% author share to be divided equally among the authors
Theme: Superheroes who have their powers for 5 seconds – details below

Live Real Press is stepping into the anthology publishing business.

Our first offering is a collection of stories set in the 5 Second Rule universe. Submissions are open. This is being published in partnership with writer and game creator Laura from Lucky Newt Games.

Here is the game’s description:
You are participating in a new study by L&G Inc. Though the compensation isn’t very good, they could be the key to your dream of having superpowers. After weeks of pokes and prods, and far more mental and physical tests than should be legal, you are one of the few whose power awakens! The catch?

You’re stuck in this facility with a few powered individuals until you learn how to work together as a team of superheroes. Oh yeah, and everyone’s power- including yours- is limited by 5 seconds in some way.

So why go through all this?

Because someone mentioned there would be a portal at the end of this training that could take your group anywhere, anytime. And did you catch the part about being a superhero?

If you’re interested in learning more about the lore of the game, click here. Laura has also made the game pay-what-you-want for the duration of the submission period.

There is a discord channel dedicated to answering questions about this. Click here.


Details: An unpublished short story set in the 5 Second Rule Universe. Looking for 15 contributors. If we get enough, we will produce a second volume.

Wordcount: 2500 to 7500 words.

Genre: Superhero, specifically in the 5 Second Rule universe.

Rating: For those in the US, we’re looking for a TV14 rating, something that can air on broadcast TV at about 9pm. Some gore and adult content is fine, but we’re not looking to produce erotica or intensely violent slasher fic. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask.

Submissions open: February 22 2023 – July 31, 2023, if you need a short extension, please let me know.

Submit to: Submissions [at] LiveRealPress.com

Submission format: Word or text file, please.


The authors of the accepted stories will receive an initial fee (not an advance against royalties) of $75. After that, there will be a royalty share for as long as the book sells. The editors will receive the same fee.

We use Draft2Digital to handle tax and royalty payments. Accepted authors will need an account there. If this isn’t available to you due to your location, please let me know. Payment options through D2D include Paypal, Payoneer, check, and direct deposit.

From the profits, royalties will be split as follows:
10% for the intellectual property owner (Laura)
50% author share to be divided equally among the authors
20% editor share, to be divided equally among the editors
20% publisher share to cover expenses


Legal bits

A contract will be sent if you are accepted, but the highlights are as follows:

Live Real Press will hold the publication rights for one year from publication or two years from the close of submissions, whichever is sooner. After that, publishing rights revert to the author, although that does not mean the book will come out of print.

The anthology will be published to common e-book marketplaces and widely available for print distribution. Authors and editors will be given one print copy of the book free of charge at time of publication.

Estimated Timeline*

February 22: Start accepting submissions

April 23: Submission window closes

May 31: Stories have been selected, authors contacted. Announcements to follow as authors are signed.

June 1 to September 30: Editing, formatting, and all the other magic that makes books happen.

October 1: Projected publication

*This project is a first for me. I can’t make hard promises on these deadlines.

Via: Live Real Productions.


July 31, 2023


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