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Taking Submissions: Tumblr-Twist Anthology

November 30, 2017

Deadline: November 30th 2017
Payment: $25

There’s a Tumblr post that goes around Facebook every few years—about how much the OP wants an epic fantasy where the “chosen one” is a retired grandma with a lifetime of experience who goes on her quest with her knitting bag, two cats, and an attendant to manage her medications.

fantasy short story call for submissions
Only the Chosen of the gods can stop the invaders

If you aren’t on Tumblr you may not know that there is practically a genre of Tumblr posts about “stories I want to see.” Most of them twists on common tropes and classic character types.

Here are a few examples*:

Your Mission: Should You Choose to Accept It

Write a story either based on a Tumblr-twists or whose premise would make a great Tumblr-twist.

Submit it to us on or before November 30th 2017.

The Details

Length: 4,000-25,000 words

Pays: on publication, $25 per accepted story

Cover letter should include: Your name/pen name, the title of the story, word count, and either a link to the Tumblr-twist that inspired the story or one-line premise that you think would make a good Tumblr-twist.

Submission method: email – [email protected]

Remember to use standard manuscript format

Rights: Electronic Anthology Rights, non-exclusive. Reprints welcome.

Increase Your Chance of Getting Accepted

Write an inclusive story

Watch your tropes

Don’t be the 12th person to send us a Tiny Dragon story—we love the examples we gave, but there are lots more Tumblr-twists out there. (That said, if you have an epic tiny dragon story—send it!)


*where possible we have linked to the original post and/or the earliest post that fully encapsulated the idea. Sometimes the OP had closed their account and we needed to link to one of the re-blogged versions of the post.

Via: Cuil Press.


November 30, 2017