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Taking Submissions: Truancy #6 and #7

September 30, 2019

Deadline: September 30th, 2019
Payment: Original Fiction: 2 cents per word, reprints: $25

The Next Reading Period for Truancy 6 and Truancy 7 will run from 2 March 2019 to 30 September 2019. Please note I will *only* be reading and responding to works sent within this timeframe.

  • Truancy is a semipro market for revised folktales, legends, myth and other traditional narratives that have been made new by your retelling or your original fiction that has these folkloric elements or mythic elements.
  • In your submission, explain the elements and resonances from traditional narratives (folklore, myths, legends) that exist within your tales, or explain how you’ve made something new from these tales.
  • It’s advisable to read previous issues of Truancy.
  • I prioritize voice and narrative verve in my selections, but a coherent plot is also important. If your style of revision is classical and mythic, you are most welcome to send me your works. While I adore modern and innovative narratives I feel there are not enough markets that give room for classical styles of writing (from any culture) and this always excites me to read. If you have the natural folkloric cadence of storytellers from anywhere around the world, this is the market for you.
  • I use a standard SFWA boilerplate contract with some regional-specific modifications.
  • Payment can only be done through Paypal for international people (complications with online payment methods for Malaysians make this my only option for now), and banking in is an option for Malaysians only.
  1. Original Fiction: I will be looking for works between 1000-3000 words. No wiggle room, no exceptions as I have set a budget for this issue. The rate will be 2 cents (USD) per word.
  2. Reprint Fiction: I will be reading works of fiction that are not readily available on the World Wide Web, and I will be giving priority to authors not from the first world and who are from marginalized communities. Essentially, if you have written revisions of folktales, folklore or original SFF in chapbooks, or regional magazines, please don’t be shy to send me your work! I’ll be paying USD25 per reprint.
  3. Poetry: Send me your poetry (up to 5 poems) reimagining folktales, folklore, myths and legends. I’ll pay USD15 per poem.
  4. Reprint Cover Art: I will pay USD60 for reprint fantasy or folklore-based art that fits the issue. I am accepting submissions but I’ll also be actively soliciting. Please just send me a link to your gallery or portfolio so I can have a look.

Policies and Restrictions

  1. Do not send me works that are derogatory towards any race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or forms of disability.
  2. This venue has always prioritized diverse and marginalized voices and this will not change. However, I will buy from a wide range of voices across cultures and the gender/social spectrum so don’t self-reject, you may have that story that leaps out at me!
  3. Do not reply to rejections, please. I send form rejections to everyone because I find this is better for people’s anxiety issues (I can relate, being a working author myself). But don’t be that jerk who has to write hate-mail to rejections. No editor since the beginning of time has responded positively to such shenanigans and some of us are slightly less tolerant than others.
  4. No simultaneous or multiple* submissions, please. *Wait until I’ve rejected a story or poem before you send me another!
  5. All fiction and poetry should use William Shunn’s Standard Manuscript Formatting.
  6. If you have a date that is bad for you (a birthday, anniversary of a traumatic event, public holiday etc) re rejections, please drop a short note for me and I’ll schedule rejections on an appropriate date. I won’t be sending rejections on weekends.
  7. MYSTERY WORD(S) to include in your submissions for TRUANCY 6 & 7: IDLI.
  8. As this is a non-profit magazine and has a budget, I’ll be paying people in batches throughout the year.
  9. Please no characters below the age of 18 within predatory/sexual situations in your fiction.
  10. Avoid sending me fiction with non-consensual situations. I’m really sick of stories that use rape/sexual coercion/entrapment as a plot device.

Email and Formatting Guidelines:

There is only one editor for Truancy . You may address me as Dear Editor or Dear Nin. I’m not keen on appellations, so please don’t.

  1. Original Fiction email subject: [FICTION] MYSTERY WORD “Title of Story Here”.
  2. Reprint Fiction email subject: [REPRINT] MYSTERY WORD “Title of Story Here”
  3. Original Poetry email subject: [POETRY] MYSTERY WORD “Title of Poem Here”
  4. Reprint Art email subject: [ART] MYSTERY WORD “Name of Artist”
  5. Submit your wonderful mythic and folkloric works here: truancysubs AT gmail dotcom.

And that’s it! Looking forward to seeing your works in my inbox. Amaze me!

Via: Truancy Magazine.


September 30, 2019