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Taking Submissions: Survive the Night: Three At Dusk, One At Dawn

March 1, 2020

Deadline: March 1st, 2020
Payment: Pro-order split and six contributor copies
Note: Must be a subscriber to Chris Morey’s free e-mail newsletter

As a lifelong fan of survival horror I’ve been aching for years to create a project in that vein. I’m very excited to announce to you Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn, a new survival horror anthology from Dark Regions Press. Now available for preorder at darkregions.com/survivethenight and 10% of the total preorder sales are added to the writing contest prize pool until the last day of the contest timeline.

Thanks to everyone who joins us for this fun and exciting new Dark Regions Press writing contest. If you have any questions or concerns please contact darkregions.com/contact

We can’t wait to read your survival horror stories!



THEME: Survival horror story involving three central characters (optional secondary characters) who become trapped at dusk with one or more forces outside that are capable of killing them. Only one of the three central characters survives until dawn.


WORD COUNT: 3,000 to 8,000

PAY: Contest with growable $3,000 prize pool (10% of Survive the Night preorder sales at darkregions.com/survivethenight get added to the prize pool until contest ends March 1st 2020) – Prize pool will be evenly divided among the selected authors. Editors will select at least 7 up to 10 winning stories from the open submissions contest. Selected authors receive 1 ebook and audio option, 5 trade paperbacks and 1 deluxe signed & numbered hardcover as free author copies.


ENTRY FEE: None but you must be a subscriber to Chris Morey’s free e-mail newsletter at chrismorey.com/newsletter to qualify.


SUBMISSION RULES: No reprints or stories published anywhere else before including author websites. No multiple or simultaneous submissions. Only one submission per author for the duration of the contest. Story must be survival horror and formatted chronologically starting at dusk and ending with dawn over the span of one night. One central character survives, two central characters die. Secondary characters are optional. Characters can kill each other but at least one of them must die from the outside force(s).


SUBMISSION TIPS: Stories submitted for Survive the Night should be intense and frightening with a psychological aspect to the storytelling between the characters who are trapped (reference John Carpenter’s The Thing). The outside force(s) that is trying to/can kill the characters can be anything that you choose from a natural disaster to humans to supernatural creatures or anything else as long as it poses a legitimate threat and is capable of killing the characters.


TIMELINE: all stories must be sent to Dark Regions Press by March 1st 2020. Our team will then read all of the stories, select the winners and issue prize money by Summer 2020. The winners will be announced first in this e-mail newsletter after being contacted personally. Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn is scheduled for a Q4 2020 publication.


RIGHTS: By entering this contest you agree that if you are selected as one of the winners Dark Regions Press has the right to publish your winning story in Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn in digital and physical formats and you agree to sign signature sheets for the book. Two year exclusive physical and digital rights. The story can be published in Best Of anthologies within our two year exclusive rights period. After the two year exclusivity period the author is free to publish the story anywhere else in any capacity.


HOW TO SEND US YOUR MANUSCRIPT: please send us an e-mail with a subject line reading: “MY STORY TITLE – Survive the Night” (replace MY STORY TITLE with your actual story title) then in the e-mail body please include a list of the following information:

Full legal name

Author name


Primary e-mail


Payment information (PayPal preferred)

MANUSCRIPT MUST BE ATTACHED TO EMAIL AS A WORD DOCUMENT! .doc, .docx or .rtf are acceptable file types. 

Please make sure you have read the above instructions carefully.


Send your Word Doc manuscript of no more than 8,000 words based on the guidelines above to our writing contest e-mail by March 1st 2020 at: [email protected]


Please only use that e-mail for story submissions for our currently active writing contests! Any other submissions/e-mails to that address will be marked as spam.


Thank you and we can’t wait to read everyone’s stories for Survive the Night!


SUPPORT THE WRITING CONTEST: a preorder page is live for Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn at darkregions.com/survivethenight


Preorder Survive the Night by March 1st 2020 and 10% of your total preorders (after discounts/gift cards) will be added to the writing contest prize pool!


Questions/concerns? Please contact darkregions.com/contact

Via: Chris Morey.


March 1, 2020