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Taking Submissions: The Rogues Gallery: Flash Fiction Contest!

October 31, 2013


Deadline: October 31st 2013
Payment: Grand Prize of $25 and second through forth will recieve $10 each


This year’s edition of The Rogues Gallery will feature images from one of the tabloids of the late 1800s: The Illustrated Police News

A newspaper vendor in the nineteenth century could always ensure sales with the gruesome cry “Murder! ‘Orrible Murder!” Published around 1870, the Victorian tabloid The Illustrated Police News took this business angle to heart. It had the largest circulation of any periodical of that time and fed the public on a weekly diet of real-life horrors calculated to chill the strongest stomach and boost the next issue’s sales.

Sharpen your pencils for a gruesome Halloween contest! Firbolg Publishing is giving away Amazon gift cards just in time for the Christmas shopping season.


one $25 Amazon gift card

First, Second, Third prize

one $10 Amazon gift card


There will be four winners, and just in time for the holiday season!

Here are the rules:

1) You may send in as many stories as you like, but your name is only entered once.

2) Submissions must be in by 31 October. Winners will be announced 1 November.

3) Gift cards will send via email.

4) All authors already accepted are automatically entered in the drawing. Every author who submits a story will be entered into the drawing.

5) The top twenty-five stories selected by our editors will be published in The Rogues Gallery anthology due in January.

6) All authors selected will receive an e-copy of the anthology.

7) Your story must use one of the image prompts, and you must indicate which prompt you’ve chosen. (They are numbered)

8) 500-1000 words (this is strict)

9) Avoid excessive gore/ violence. We are most interested in gothic dark fiction rather than splatter style horror. Atmosphere and suspense trump bloodshed in our horror world!

10) RTF format as an attachment (include author biography, links to blogs/ websites)

Submission email: [email protected]

We are an LGBT-friendly press.



Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid!



Prompt Number One

skeletons in the closet death and the maiden

Prompt Number Two


Prompt Number Three

Prompt Number Three


Prompt Number Four

Prompt Number Four


Prompt Number Five

Prompt Number Five


Prompt Number Six

Prompt Number Six


Prompt Number Seven

Prompt Number Seven



Prompt Number Eight



Prompt Number Nine




Step into the Firbolg time machine! Your story can be set in the 1800s, but it doesn’t have to be. Dream states, hallucinations, fantasies, eerie time shifts, actual events… as long as the story is inspired by the image, it’s your time period(s), your place, your imaginative space.

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October 31, 2013