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Taking Submissions: Resistance Art Attack

September 30, 2019

Deadline: September 30th, 2019
Payment: Royalties

At Not a Pipe Publishing, we believe we must fight fascism with our voices while we still can. We can’t wait around to speak out against the horrors of the Trump administration after more lives have been lost. We need to be screaming right now!

After some brainstorming with writer Isaac Dye and our publisher, author Benjamin Gorman, and reflecting on the success of our anthology of stories by women writers, Strongly Worded Women, and our success raising money for The Alzheimer’s Association through our project as part of their The Longest Day fundraiser, we’ve decided to curate a collection of short stories around the theme of resistance to the disastrous and corrupt presidency of Donald Trump. As writers know, a novel can often take years, even decades, to craft and polish. While a short story is no less a product of careful skill and craft, we hope this anthology can be amalgamated on a much shorter timeframe and give writers an opportunity to use their gifts to speak truth to power through fiction (not “alternative facts” or “fake news” but the deeper truth that only fiction can provide). If you are a fiction writer, we would love to include your story.

Genre fiction is our brand, so if you want to try your hand at dystopian sci-fi and imagine a world where the horrors of a Trump presidency are allowed to metastasise, go for it! If you write fantasy and want to write an allegory for Trump in a world of monsters and magic, cast that spell. If you write paranormal and want to populate Trump’s America with ghosts and vampires and werewolves, we’d love it. For this anthology, we’ll accept stories that are more explicitly horror than we normally look for because, hell, horror is very appropriate for this theme. We will also make an exception and include poetry, so send that in, too. And if you write in some other genre, give us the western or romance or historical short story that fits the theme. We want to see what you can do. Please don’t send memoires, opinion pieces, or other non-fic; we love those, but they won’t fit in this anthology.

Writers will be compensated based on sales. Our plan is to divide the proceeds of the anthology into equal parts for the authors with a share going to Raices, the Immigrant Defense Fund, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and other groups doing valiant work to push back against the abuses of this administration. It’s another way for us to do good work by doing good work. But rest assured; compensating authors for their time and effort is always a priority to Not a Pipe Publishing.

Lastly, we would love to include visual art in the anthology. If you are an artist who wants to contribute a black-and-white image for the interior or a color image for the cover, we would love to include it and will compensate you with a share of the proceeds just like the authors. Artists should be paid!

Trump Ballon.jpeg

When you have a short story or a piece of artwork you’re ready to submit, please send it to [email protected] and include Resist Trump Anthology in the subject line. SImultaneous submissions are allowed, and we will reprint previously printed works as long as you have the full rights, but we would require exclusive rights for three years if your piece is selected for publication. Wordcounts can range from micro-flash fiction to a maximum of 4000 words. We will accept stories and artwork until September 30th, with the intention of having an edited anthology available for purchase in time for the Iowa caucus in February of 2020. Yes, it’s a fast turn-around time, but the time is now. Please share this announcement with other writers and visual artists to make sure we get a broad representation of writers from different walks of life and around the world.

Let’s fight fascism with our voices while we still can!

Via: Not A Pipe Publishing.


September 30, 2019