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Taking Submissions: Matters of Perspective

June 30, 2016


Deadline: June 30, 2016
Payment: $10.00 ($5.00 per story) plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties. (you must submit 2 stories –
with complete opposite narratives)

In a world with ever increasing video surveillance and instant release of information it is easy to make snap judgements
based on excerpts, sound-bites or some sort of attention grabbing headline. Without the full story it can be difficult to
know the facts of a situation. As Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is credited as saying: “Everything we hear is an
opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Or as Obi Wan Kenobi said in Return of the Jedi:
“…many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

Authors – here’s your chance to tell BOTH sides of a story. What we are looking for are speculative fiction stories that tell
a story that when told from one perspective come across in favor of one narrative and when told from another perspective
comes across in favor of another narrative. Watching a video of police interaction with someone that erupts into violence
and someone being injured or killed. That part can be easy (depending on the narrative you want to support) – Now the
hard part. Retell that story from another perspective – but it has to take the reader in the complete opposite direction and it
has to ring true to the facts that would be KNOWN by the viewpoint character. Using the ‘police’ video for example –
write one story showing the officer used excessive force, was targeting specific individuals, etc. Now for the second one
– write a story again using the video as the basis and write it so the officer is 100 percent justified in their actions. It can
all be a matter of perspective and having access to different sets of facts.

BOTH stories must be realistic and ring 100 percent true to the reader as they read.

Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried and true plotline, twist it in an original and interesting way.
Original stories are preferred. Query for reprints.

ALL writers are encouraged to submit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro with years of credits, a beginner just starting out, or
a teenager – please feel free to send the editor a story. In your cover email, please tell the editor a bit about yourself and a
quick one-line synopsis of the story. Include genre. If experimental, please explain the type or how so the editor doesn’t
edit out the form or reject it out of hand. Thank you.

In the Subject line please put Submission:  Perspectives : Title of your story : Your name.
Attach as an .rft file, please send to: [email protected]

Submissions Open:  Jan 1, 2016 (DO NOT SUBMIT PRIOR TO THIS DATE)
Submissions Close:  Jun 30, 2016

Release Date:   Late 2016/Early 2017
Payment:  $10.00 ($5.00 per story) plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties. (you must submit 2 stories –
with complete opposite narratives)

Will accept Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternate History, Space Opera, Dieselpunk.
No fan fiction, shared universes, or continuing serials. PG-13 rating, please. No erotica.
No simultaneous submissions.

Length 1000-6000 words. Will consider flash fiction if it’s well-written. Times Roman 12.
Standard manuscript submission form must be used. Any manuscripts submitted incorrectly will be rejected.

Bios will be required if your story is accepted. Please write them in third person. Approximate length under 250 words.

Via: Wolf Singer Publications.


June 30, 2016