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Taking Submissions: Lovecraft In A Time Of Madness

August 22, 2020

Deadline: August 22nd, 2020
Payment: $10-20
Theme: Cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft

Sentinel Creatives has opened up for submissions for the “LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS” anthology.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sentinel Creatives, we’re an indie publishing and production house based in Cape Town, South Africa. Though our focus is on books and ebooks, we also do audiobooks, and will be doing audio dramas in the near future!


As the title suggests, we’re looking for stories of cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft! While it is not necessary for submissions to form a part of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, or other works, it is necessary for there to be some connection to the ideas and themes he grappled with in them.

While Lovecraft is known for, among other things, his own particular writing style, we’re not looking for stories that try to mimic his prose! Nor are we looking to play a game of “Lovecraft Bingo”! Rather, we’re looking for stories that are faithful to the spirit of Lovecraftian horror. Show us to the dark corners of the earth, and the mind, but show us your particular take on it!

These stories need not be set in our past, present or even our future. If you think you can do justice to a retelling of folklore or legend, go for it!  We’d love to see stories about King A’rtur’og and his knights of the non-Euclidian table, or Sir Gawain and the Eldritch Knight!

Got a story about Anarchists v the Cult of Cthulhu in London during the industrial revolution? Let’s see it!


Send your submissions to: [email protected] with the subject “Lovecraft Submission”.

All manuscripts should be sent as a word document. Our preference is for Times New Roman, or another clearly legible text.

Submissions should be between 5,000 and 9,000 words. This is not a hard limit, but preference will be given to those stories that meet this requirement.

Please include a short summary of the story in the body of the email, as well as a short bio and a list of any previously published works.

We’re looking for original works that have not been previously published! 

All accepted stories will be paid for up front!
As a small time indie press, our budget is limited! Accepted stories can expect between $10-20.

In exchange, we ask for exclusive rights to publish the story, said rights will maintain for the duration of one year. After that, we retain the non-exclusive rights to the story, but you’re welcome to submit and publish elsewhere after that!

It is likely that we will produce an audiobook version of LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS, and we ask for the same rights as the book and ebook rights.


LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS will be the focus of our first Kickstarter campaign! The anthology will be published regardless of the success of the campaign, however, if successful, we’re hoping to be able to pay the authors significantly more, and commission short stories from some of our favourite authors to include in the anthology.

The first tier in the Kickstarter campaign will be devoted to increasing the remuneration of the accepted authors, while later tiers will focus on bringing in more established authors.

Obviously, if the campaign goes incredibly well, the accepted authors can expect further remuneration. We’ll also dedicate a portion of the funds to increasing the remuneration we can offer in the future.

Via: Sentinel’s Mailing List.


August 22, 2020