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Taking Submissions: ew Legends: The Hero – The Antihero – The Vigilante, Book 2

February 8, 2016

Deadline: February 8th 2016
Payment: $25.00, plus digital and trade paperback copy upon distribution. Payment will be made upon selection. Royalty payment will be confirmed after the number of submitted stories are determined.

Visual Adjectives is currently accepting stories, art and photography for the omnibus, New Legends: The Hero • The Antihero • The Vigilante, Book 2

Your story can be of any genre, but must be relevant to the theme of the Hero, the Antihero, and the Vigilante.

We seeks submissions from emerging and established authors with characters that represents one or all of the Hero, the Antihero, and the Vigilante.

We are looking for exceptional, well-written, engaging stories with subject matter reasonably free from sexually explicit content, gore, and obscenities.

No copyright infringements please. Characters must be your own, originally created, and not a version or fan fiction of an existing character. Do not use the names or personalities of existing trademarked characters. No references should be made to characters from well-known sources. Only submit unpublished, original stories, and characters.

Story length must be between 2,500 minimum and 8,000 maximum words.

The first page of your submitted document must be a Cover Page (see below for details).

Please spend time reviewing the guidelines, this will ensure that your best work is submitted free of editorial issues, such as spelling, formatting, and grammar.


Theme: The Hero • The Antihero • The Vigilante (one or all)
Story Word Count: 2,500 minimum – 8,000 maximum, (not including information for cover page)
Authors Biography: 250 maximum words
Story Synopsis: 350 maximum words
File Format: MicrosoftWord document (either .doc or .docx) or rtf only. Submissions may also be sent in the body of an e-mail.
Submission Limit: Five stories per author. If you are submitting more than one story, please submit each story as a separate submission or e-mail.
Payment: $25.00, plus digital and trade paperback copy upon distribution. Payment will be made upon selection. Royalty payment will be confirmed after the number of submitted stories are determined.
Selected stories will appear in New Legends: The Hero • The Antihero • The Vigilante, Book 2, while some may appear on our website or blog.
Art and Photography: Unlimited submission limit. We are looking for art and photography that captures the theme The Hero ¨ The Antihero ¨ The Vigilante (one or all) to be used.
Artwork and photographs submitted must be saved in high-resolution format (300 dpi or higher) and saved as a jpg/jpeg file. Be sure to supply the title of the piece, the artist/photographer name, the medium used in creation, and the dimensions of the original piece.

Cover Page:
First and Last Name
Pseudonym, if applicable
Mailing Address
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Authors Biography
Submission Title
Story Word Count
Story Synopsis

Document Formatting:
Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Left justified.
1-inch margins on all sides.
0.5-inch indentation at the beginning of each paragraph.
Letter format (not A4 or international).
Pages consecutively numbered throughout.
Numbering begins on the cover page in the upper right corner.
Header on every page containing title, page number, author name and e-mail.
No footnotes or endnotes in your manuscript.
All electronic comments (track changes) and corrections between authors have been removed (not just turned off).
Proofread your paper carefully before submission.

Please keep in mind when developing your character(s)
The Hero focuses on stopping crime first and addressing evil second while following the law. The Herostrives to inspire, to be accountable to those he serve, and embraces the responsibility that comes with his position.

The Antihero focuses on stopping crime and stopping evil alike. He is willing to bend the law to accomplish his task. The Antihero creates apprehension and inspires those that he has served and saved directly. He lacks accountability but embraces the responsibility of his position.

The Vigilante focuses on stopping evil first and addressing crime second and is willing to break the law. The Vigilante is terror. He exists as the necessary evil existing to rival the evil that he combats. He is not and cares not about accountability or responsibility. This is a path that he has no choice but to travel. He is the warring angel in the bowels of hell.

Notice of Copyright:
By submitting your work, you agree that Visual Adjectives acquires first serial rights to publish the piece both electronically and in print. In addition, Visual Adjectives may reserve non-exclusive publication rights to reprint a piece in a “best of” issue or anthology.

Submissions may be sent by e-mail to [email protected] or by filling out the SUBMISSION MANAGER form and uploading your document.

When submitting by e-mail, your Subject Line must include Author Name and Story Title.

Contributors will be notified of acceptance status via e-mail.

Via: Visual Adjectives.


February 8, 2016