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Taking Submissions: Anthropomorphic Science Fiction Horror (Title TBA)

March 1, 2016

Deadline: March 1st, 2016
Payment: ½ a cent per word.
Note: A little lower on payment than I’d usually like to list but unique enough that I’m sure there will be some interest

FurPlanet publishes several anthologies each year, including FANG and ROAR under our Bad Dog Books imprint. This page will be updated with submission info and deadlines for all anthologies which are open for submission.


NOTE: Please read all the submission information carefully and address any questions directly to the editor linked in the anthology description.


Anthology General Terms: Authors of accepted submissions agree to a payment of 1/2 cent per word, exclusive publication rights in print and electronic formats for the period of one year from date of publication and non-exclusive rights in perpetuity thereafter. Submissions must not contain any copyrighted characters which the author does not hold the copyright on. Any story submissions featuring minors in sexual situations will be rejected.



Anthropomorphic Science Fiction Horror (not the actual title) is an upcoming book of original short stories by various authors. It will be published by FurPlanet.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Despite what some people may think, science fiction and horror have been bedmates for a long time. From the first moment humans looked at the stars and realized that there could be something out there with not so friendly intensions and felt that chill along their spines, mankind was combining the genres. With this in mind, there are some things that must be included in your submission.

Stories must have anthropomorphic animals as the primary characters. If you are unfamiliar with stories that include anthropomorphic characters, please check out FurPlanet (furplanet.com), the Man-Kzin wars series, and S. Andrew Swann’s Moreau Quartet.

Second, stories must be science fiction horror, obviously. Both science fiction and horror have a number of sub-genres. If you have an idea and are not sure if it will fit within the anthology, please send a query. (please note that green lighting your idea does not constitute an acceptance)

There are a number of ways of approaching this combining of genres.

Here are some good examples:


–     Event Horizon

–     Alien

–     Splice

–     Pitch Black

–     Monsters

–     Thing


–     Blindsight by Peter Watts

–     Crescent by Phil Rossi

–     Infected by Scott Sigler

–     Alien: Out of Shadows by Tim Lebbon

–     The Void by Brett J. Talley

–     The Short Story: Dead Waits Dreaming by Larry Correia in Space Eldrich 2

–     The Void by Brett J. Talley

–     Queen of K’N-Yan by Ken Asamatsu

Please note that if you choose to include gore in your story it must have a reason. Gore with no point will be looked down upon.

No rape.

No harming of underage characters.

If you have any questions, please email tarlwriter(at)gmail.com

PAYMENT: ½ a cent per word.

PUBLISH DATE: The tentative publication date will be for Rainfurrest 2016, September 22nd.

WORD COUNT: Between 5,000 and 12,000 words. Any stories outside of the word limit, please send a query.

FORMAT: Submissions must be .doc or Rich Text and in standard manuscript format. (seehttp://www.shunn.net/format/story.html) Email subject must be: SUBMISSION: STORY TITLE: WORD COUNT. And must include a cover letter. Not complying will reduce your chance of being accepted.

DEADLINE: March 1st, 2016

SEND SUBMISSIONS AND QUERIES TO tarlwriter(at)gmail.com

NO REPRINTS. Stories must be original and never published anywhere before. (this includes anywhere online!)

Please, no simultaneous submissions. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Via: Fur Planet.


March 1, 2016