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Taking Submissions: Again, Hazardous Imaginings

December 31, 2019

Deadline: December 31st, 2019

Payment: 3 cents per word

Now that my fundraising campaign on Freedomfy is over with and I know how much capital I have to work with, I’m free to post my submission guidelines for my upcoming open anthology, AGAIN, HAZARDOUS IMAGININGS: More Politically Incorrect Science Fiction. Due to the smaller-than-hoped-for funds available, I’ll be doing this open anthology as a companion volume to my single-author collection on the same theme, HAZARDOUS IMAGININGS: The Mondo Book of Politically Incorrect Science Fiction. My original plan had been to put out a single, really big volume, but since I’ll only be able to purchase about 30,000 words of original fiction from other writers, I figured two volumes would make more sense (otherwise, two-thirds of a sole book would be my fiction, which wasn’t what I intended).

Without further ado, here’s what I’m looking for–

Science fiction is often called “speculative fiction.” Speculation and extrapolation – asking what if? and why? or how? – is the life’s blood of science fiction. Science fiction writers can’t wrap themselves in yellow CAUTION tape. They need to be free to follow their what ifs? wherever those speculative rabbit-holes may lead… even if they lead to dark, dank, unpleasant places.

Recent controversies within the science fiction and pop culture fields illustrate a dramatic and worrisome reversal of what has traditionally been science fiction’s greatest strength: the freedom it has granted its creators to confront, extrapolate, and dissect technological and social trends, from a panoply of viewpoints, using a full arsenal of intellectual and literary tools. Writers who were once lionized as key contributors to the science fiction field are now being drummed out of the community by online zealots who stir up instant outrage mobs in hopes of “canceling” those voices who do not fall in line with the current progressive zeitgeist.

Science fiction should always make room for contrarians, for heretics, for the unfashionable and unpopular, for dreamers at the fringe. Without them, the centuries-long conversation at the heart of science fiction becomes a sterile echo chamber. Writers holding viewpoints from across the political spectrum must all feel welcome. In this era of accelerating technological and social change, we need a healthy, vigorous, daring and courageous science fiction, more than ever. One with no ideological handcuffs or defensive self-censoring.


  • Stories can be up to 7,000 words, maximum. (Although if the story is truly outstanding, I’m willing to be a bit flexible on word length.)
  • Stories cannot have been previously published (this is an ORIGINAL anthology).
  • No simultaneous submissions (I don’t want to get all hot-and-bothered about your wonderful story, only to learn it’s been sold toClarkesworldMagazine).
  • I intend for this anthology to serve as a cultural snapshot in time. With this in mind, shoot for the stars – submit your very best work, work you are proud of.
  • I am looking for stories that, due to their content, viewpoint, and/or subject matter, have little or no chance of being published in the commercial market. Yesterday’s transgressions (those spotlighted inDangerous Visionsand Again, Dangerous Visions) are today’s cultural virtues and/or commonplaces. What are TODAY’S taboos? What kinds of science fiction stories are verboten in today’s commercial publishing market? What just won’t fly, whether due to shared social beliefs and aversions common to editors, assumptions that editors make about their readerships’ beliefs and aversions, or the commercial pressures of the corporate publishing world? How can these modern-day taboos be illuminated and explored using the unique extrapolative tools of science fiction?
  • No troll submissions!I am looking for stories of high literary merit. No stories that merely (or primarily) seek to shock, insult, or provoke will be accepted. The subject matter may be outrageous by the standards of today’s marketplace. But keep in mind, the more outrageous or disturbing the material, the more incisively it needs to be explored using the cognitive tools of science fiction. Your story may be humorous or satirical; the subject matter may greatly benefit from that approach. But your goals should be to induce your readers to care about your characters, their conflicts, and their predicaments, to leave your readers with something memorable to think about, and, last but not least, to entertain.
  • Use of a pseudonym is acceptable. You have my word that I will not reveal your true identity if you do not wish it to be revealed, and I will be happy to disguise your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in any story introductions.
  • Payment is $.03 (three cents) per word, payable upon acceptance.
  • Submissions will be accepted through 12/31/2019. Email submissions to: fantasticalandrewfox Atsymbolgmail.com.
  • Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx), Word Perfect format (.wp), or Rich Text format (.rtf), double-spaced with one-inch margins and a 12 point font.
  • AGAIN, HAZARDOUS VISIONSwill be published as both an ebook and a print-on-demand trade paperback by MonstraCity Press. It is anticipated the anthology will be about 50,000 words in length. It is being published as a companion volume to HAZARDOUS VISIONS: The Mondo Book of Politically Incorrect Science Fiction, which will be a collection of novellas and stories by Andrew Fox, author of Fat White Vampire Blues and The Good Humor Man, or, Calorie 3501.

Via: Fantastical Andrew Fox


December 31, 2019