The Horror Tree Presents…An Interview with Jeremy Hicks

Lucien – On your website you have quite the sense of humor, introducing yourself as a demon possessing the body of the man formerly known as Jeremy Hicks. Where does that come from and does it play a part in your writing?


Jeremy – Death touched my life early and often, as a result I developed a dark, acerbic sense of humor to cope with the tragedies that kept happening to those around me, and the lingering results from nearly losing my own life at birth. I think it also branded me with an insatiable curiosity for learning, exploring, and asking the types of difficult questions parents, grandparents, and religious and authority figures never want to field. So, I searched for my own answers in books, which only led to more questions.


Growing up the Deep South, however, it’s never a good idea to be a curious bookworm who bucks the old timey hateful rhetoric that passes for religion for too many here. Being open to an evolving worldview rather than embracing the standard dogma condemned me to Hell at a young age for them…and quite a number of them let me know it, quite vocally and quite often. I still hear it today. I’ve even earned a death threat or two thanks to my opinions on politics, religion, and economics.


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