Taking Submissions: The Lost Poetry Club: Theme 1.03

Deadline: June 30th, 2024
Pament: £0.015 per word (Flat £5 rate for under 300 words)
Theme: Poetry that will be released as audio with the theme of: All Flowers Keep The Light

In our world, nature and artifice blur, balancing us between oblivion and salvation.
🌐 Virtual habitats. 🌱 Immortal pets. 🌳 Bionic babies. 🤖 Unwind as an insect in the Metaverse 👨‍💻 Or sow microchips like flowers. 🌺 AI. Cloning. Genetic engineering.
🌸 Nature has many new faces. 🌸
​Plant stories that embrace nature’s paradox; poems and music that dance between artifice and authenticity. Show us how our existence is intertwined with nature’s complexities in this
bold new world.
Current Theme Deadline: June 30th, 2024
Submission Guidelines (check website for full guidelines):
– Up to 5 mins or 500 words for poetry/flash fiction/songs
– Up to 15 mins or 1800-3000 words for short stories/plays
– Compensation: £0.015 per word (Flat £5 rate for under 300 words)
– Original work only. Reprints accepted.
– If the current theme doesn’t suit you, please feel free to send in your work anyway, as it may be suitable for future themes.

Website: www.thelostpoetryclub.com

The Lost Poetry Club is an audible zine. We aim to create a kaleidoscope of voices and materials. Chosen work will be dramatized, but you are openly encouraged to contribute to our M.A.F.P. (mind-altering frequency protocol) with your own recordings and performances for a fully collaborative experience.

What to Submit:

  • Short Stories/Scripts/Non-fiction: Up to 15 mins or 1800-3000 words.

  • Poetry/Flash Fiction: Up to 5 mins or 500 words.

  • Songs/Music/Other: Up to 10 mins.


  • Over 300 words: £0.015 per word. 

  • Under 300 words: £5 flat rate.


  • If previously unpublished, we claim first-world on-going non-exclusive rights (text and audio) with 120 days of exclusivity from publication. However, we do accept reprints. 

  • Any audio adaptations produced belong to us solely.

  • Other formats like recordings and music are also on an on-going non-exclusive basis.

How to Submit:

  • Use the current theme as your email subject.

  • If the current theme doesn’t suit, please feel free to send in your work anyway, at any time, as it may be suitable for future themes. Title your subject: Theme Unknown.

  • If submitting written work: pdf file or Docx.

  • OR, if submitting recorded work: high-quality mp3/wav file (accompanied by a pdf transcript and the full cast and crew list, if applicable).

  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted (but don’t overdo it, please).

  • Clarkesworld’s list of “Hard Sells” is a good guide for what not to submit. You can check those out here.

  • When submitting, you are automatically signed up to our mailing list. You are free to opt out at any time.

Any further questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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