Taking Submissions: Paradoxical Pets

Deadline: February 11th 2022
Payment: $.01 per word advanced against royalties
Theme: Wondrous pets
Note: Reprints Welcome

Paradoxical Pets is open to stories about wondrous pets, be they alien, magical, artificial, or common pets with some special power. Fantasy or science fiction are welcome.

Word Balloon Books sells print editions at comic cons, Ren Fairs, and book festivals. We’ve noticed that most books at these event target adult readers,  so in 2022 we’re launching a line of anthologies appropriate for readers 10 and up. We’re open to challenging themes and subject matter, but language, graphic violence, and sexual content should be rated G. Child or teen protagonists preferred. Pay for all anthologies is $.01 per word advanced against royalties, with a possible bonus based on crowdfunding. Publication is NOT dependent on crowdfunding, however. Contributor copies will be provided as well. No firm word count limit, but under 3k is preferred. REPRINTS WELCOME! Email submission in standard manuscript format to [email protected] Please specify the anthology you’re submitting to, and if the story has been previously published.  Deadline for all February 11. 2022, though watch this space for adjustments!

Via: James Maxey.

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