WiHM 12: Wait, is it weird that I am in horror…?

By: Jennifer Anne Gordon


Happy Women in Horror Month everyone! It’s the magical time of the year that all of us “women in horror” all of a sudden think “Wait, is it weird that I am in horror…?”

Last summer I was lucky enough to write a guest post for Horror Tree, called “Doomed from The Beginning” and there I told the story of my first experience of reading a Stephen King novel, an how that lead me on a dark winding path through Gothic Romance, and VC Andrews, those writers and that one long gothic summer are part of who I am. But I would be remiss if I left out other parts of the puzzle, the puzzle of “Why did a nice girl like you end up writing such dark twisted stuff…”

Well, I could talk about how as a child I played almost exclusively in a cemetery and in the sand pits under some buzzing (probably cancer causing) power lines.  But instead, I am going to talk about the summer, that I fully believed I was possessed by a demon. Or at least what led me to believe that.

Now you have to understand, before I go on, that I had ALL the symptoms of demon possession. (I had seen the edited for television version of the Exorcist about 4 times…I was practically an expert in demonology.)