Shortly, How Will AI Affect Our Writing?

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We’ve seen the rise of artificial intelligence in all areas of our lives. It is something that has helped streamline our lives and making the world an easier place to live in. However, the downside is it has also been starting to replace jobs. Thankfully, as writers, we’re all safe, right?

How can a piece of software emulate humanity enough to truly replace the passion and creativity of those of us who put word to page and hope to stir an emotion or inform others in a relatable way? Well, we’ve been seeing more of it lately, and ShortlyAI is just such a piece of software.

I set myself up with an interesting task in reviewing ShortlyAI for Horror Tree to explore just that. Full disclosure, I was given a month’s access to the software for testing purposes though no payment, sponsorship, or ongoing membership (unless they decide to extend it, which I wouldn’t complain about, hint hint) involved in this review. There ARE affiliate links though the program wasn’t active until after the review was already written for about 2 weeks.

Shortly is a piece of software that seeks to replace the effort one would normally spend in writing an article. It allows you to set up the format of your article and allows the program to do the heavy lifting in supplying you with a basic draft.

Here is how it works