Epeolatry Book Review: Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid by James G. Carlson


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Title: Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid
Author: James G. Carlson
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Gloom House Publishing
Release Date: 3rd November, 2021

Synopsis: There is a city that occupies the space between life and death. Once a wondrous realm, it has been corrupted by a malevolent presence known as the Carrion Kid—a demon that crossed over on the soul of a young boy. Now, guided by a talking cat, a chosen few must come together to restore light, safety, and sanity before it’s too late. This includes Alistair and Eden, a newly arrived couple, and a ragtag group of survivors who reside in a subterranean lair called Haven Below. But bringing about a new dawn in this strange and terrifying place is an undertaking that will test their bonds and cost some of them dearly.