Correction for The Halloween Edition!

Seems we made a mistake! In our latest Halloween Edition, we had a misprint and left out what was mean to be the grand finale of our Special Edition. We wanted to make sure readers got to enjoy this piece, so we’re printing it again here. If you feel like diving into our last Special Edition before our Holiday Edition drops, find it below!


Trembling With Fear – Halloween 2023 Edition


Perfect Costume


Everyone’s impressed. You win first prize in the costume contest and the candy pours into your plastic pumpkin at every door.

“Must take hours to apply,” they say. One idiot tugs the hair on your cheeks and you wince, have to resist urge to snarl or snap.

You look at their fancy costumes and smile secretly to yourself at the money you’ve saved.

Your costume didn’t cost you a penny, just a curse. Inconvenient, yes, sometimes, but, when the moon is full, your girlfriend can take you walkies in the woods. Saves a fortune in dogfood.

Besides, you prefer candy.



DJ Tyrer

DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing and has been widely published in anthologies and magazines around the world, such as Chilling Horror Short Stories (Flame Tree), All The Petty Myths (18th Wall), Steampunk Cthulhu (Chaosium), What Dwells Below (Sirens Call), The Horror Zine?s Book of Ghost Stories (Hellbound Books), and EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness (Otter Libris), and issues of Sirens Call, Occult Detective Magazine, parABnormal, Tales from the Magician?s Skull, and Weirdbook, and in addition, has a novella available in paperback and on the Kindle, The Yellow House (Dunhams Manor). You can follow their work on Facebook @DJTyrerWriter, on their blog: or on the Atlantean Publishing website: