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Taking Submissions: Z-Magazine

April 5, 2013


Deadline: April 5th 2013
Payment: Compensation is 1 contributors copy.

Writing for Z Magazine

At Z Magazine our articles take place in a specific zombie world. Please take a look at an overview of concepts and ideas that are already established. We ask you to do this so that we might keep the content of the magazine as consistent as possible.

The reference guide can be found here. When reviewing articles we will deny any that indicate the writer has not considered the rules of the world. Articles cannot contradict what is already in the reference guide. You don’t have to mention ideas in the reference guide, but it’s a good starting point to get a feel for Z Magazine world.

I’ve never written before…

Not a problem! Some of our best articles are by people who had a cool idea and wanted to give it a shot. We don’t care if you’re a famous published author or are writing your first creative piece for the first time.

An awesome article can come from anyone!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or our Facebook.
Guidelines & Formatting

-Word DOC as an attachment. Please don’t copy and paste into email unless you have no other choice!
-Easy to read font
-Contact information on top of first page
-50-70 word author bio written in third person at end of document. (Bio should be of YOU the real author. “Zombie” author bio can also be added if desired). Twitter, Facebook, or website also acceptable.
-*300-1700 words
-Limit 3 articles per writer

*Here is a rough idea of how articles are laid out based on their word count:
1000 words with no graphic = 1 page
630 words + a 270 word accompanying column = 1 page
640 words + a graphic = 1 page
530 words + 2 smaller graphics = 1 page
1700 words + 1 graphic = 2 page spread
You may choose to keep this information in mind when writing your article.

Contact Information
Article Title
By Your Name
Write your legal name. If you would like a different name to appear in the magazine, write that on a separate line.
Please provide a valid mailing address. Contracts and contributors copies will be sent to this address.
Email Address

Please keep content tasteful. No graphic sexual themes or foul language.

Graphics are vital to the presentation of an article. If you have an idea for an accompanying image to your article, please give a short description. If you would like to produce art yourself, or know someone who you’d like to have create it, we’d be happy to work something out. If no idea or request is given, the editorial board will decide for you.*

Compensation is 1 contributors copy.

Email submission to [email protected] with your article title and “Submission” in the title line.
Submission Process

If your article is accepted we’ll work with you to edit it (if needed). Once the article is done, you’ll fill out a contact you can email or mail to us. Within a month of the magazine being printed we’ll send you your free copy.

Contributor’s get a discount on any purchase of 3 or more magazines.

[via: Eloise J. Knapp.]


April 5, 2013