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Taking Submissions: Fear’s Accomplice

February 28, 2014

Deadline: February 28th 2014
Payment: Equal share of profits in the form of royalty payments

We are currently looking for submissions for our first ever publication! Closing date: 28th of February, 2014.

More than anything we want to see horror stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words. The tales can be any type of horror fiction, from perverted lunatics to rampaging aliens. All we ask is that it is something original. Gore is acceptable as long as the story is not just violence. We’re looking for interesting characters and narratives. If your story takes place in an alternate universe or on a distant planet, then above all it has to be believable. Stories do not need to be straight up in-your-face kind of horror, sometimes a more subtle approach is just as entertaining. We hope to attract a wide range of submissions.

Document format is not particularly important, but all manuscripts should be created in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx).

When submitting please use the word ‘Submission’ as the subject. Please include your name and email address at the top of your manuscript and please also number the pages. Should you wish to hype your own ability by telling us of awards you have won or previous publications you have had, then please do so in the main body of the email.

If your submission happens to be unsuccessful then we will aim to provide you with some feedback and we hope that it will not put you off the idea of submitting again in the future.

We intend to make our debut release via Create Space to save on cost. All contributing authors will receive an equal share of the profits, NoodleDoodle Publications will take one author’s share. If I (the creator of NoodleDoodle) use one of my stories I will do so without taking an extra cut. All contributors will receive an equal share of the profits as royalty payments. The first payment is estimated to be made 2 months after the release date. Any further royalties will be paid when an earnings threshold has been reached.

Authors will retain copyright of their work. All that is asked is that Noodle Doodle Publications has exclusive publication rights for the first two months from the release date. Previously published work will be considered at the discretion of the editors.

Submit your story to [email protected]

Via: Noodle Doodle Publications.


February 28, 2014