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Taking Submissions: The Darkness Within

June 30, 2012

Deadline: July 30th 2012
Payment: You will periodically receive a small share of the net income, dependant on terms to be detailed in your contract.

Submissions are welcomed for a print-on-demand anthology themed The Darkness Within. You may submit more than one story for consideration. Submissions for artwork are welcomed. Something leaning towards fantasy would be preferred for the cover art.

Your story may be set in any time and in any place. The darkness within can be within a person, within a place or anything you can dream up that fits the theme. It could be the darkness inside a mind, or inside a ping-pong ball; within a universe or within an atom. The theme is a common one, so I would be more inclined towards stories that are ‘outside the box’. Not too heavy on the gore or on “intimacies” in your stories please. No child abuse. Horror is good, fantasy is good, sci fi is good, the genre is yours to choose as you will. No DnD creatures or any creature belonging to other authors.

Stories should be submitted in word documents, in Times New Roman 12 point. Please set up your paragraphs using first line indentation of 0.63cm and in single line spacing. Stories should be between 2000 and 7500 words, though some overspill or understatement of words will be accepted if the story is strong.

Please send your submissions to indigomosaic(nospam)@hotmail.com (Please leave out the (nospam) section in your e-mail.) In your subject, please type THE DARKNESS WITHIN – and your title. In the body your e-mail, please say hello and then state your name, your address, your e-mail adress, your story title, the name you want it published under, and your approximate word count. A short bio will be requested if your story is accepted and will be included in the anothology.

Stories to be received by 30th July 2012. A contract will be sent to you if your story is included. You must be 18 to sign this contract which will be governed by UK law. Rights to your work will revert to you when the book is removed from print. This is a print on demand book. The income will be minimal, as this type of publishing returns very little to the writers. The book will remain available for three years to allow for more sales to accumulate. At the end of this period, the rights for your work will revert to you. You will periodically receive a small share of the net income, dependant on terms to be detailed in your contract. You are encouraged to promote this book vigorously once it is out. It is in your interests to do this, as it will increase your share.

(Publicationa all dependant on quantity of publishable stories received)

[via: Indigo Mosaic.]


June 30, 2012