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Taking Submissions: State of Horror: Missouri

October 1, 2015


Deadline: October 1, 2015
Payment: Royalty Split and contributor copy

Once again, Charon Coin Press and editor Jerry E. Benns hop on tour of the United States to bring the State of Horror Anthology to the next state, the Show-Me-State—Missouri.

Missouri brings a deep well of potential with its history and folklore. As a river state, Missouri’s eclectic past has been told around the campfires as travelers shared different manifestations of tales discovered as they traversed the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. As the launching point of the Lewis and Clark expedition, it was one of the first areas traveled while the United States was expanding into what we know today, and earned the moniker, “The Gateway to the West.”

The many rivers are not the only sources of stories Missouri has to offer.  Beneath the surface of Missouri’s rolling hilly landscape lurks another world, one cut out of the soft stone, it lays claim to some of the most intricate, and unexplored cave systems in existence.  Used by the beer brewing families to house their beer before the time of refrigeration, they brought wealth and industry making cities like St. Louis into turn-of-the-century boom towns—until the collapse after prohibition. Some of the legacies these families left behind have become legend while others are a shade darker.

The border cities are not the only source of stories from the Show-Me-State. From the northern plains to the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains, Missouri’s background is steeped in a rich history full of expectation, conflict, opportunity, struggle and success. The cultures of Missouri are born from industry and grown in the vast farmlands. The rivers and mountains feed into the heart of the United States and are the reason Missouri is our next stop in our exploration in the State of Horror Series.

Submission Guidelines

Payment type: Royalty Split and contributor copy
Open Submission: June 1, 2015 through October 1, 2015
Scheduled Release: 2016

Word count for this collection is a minimum of 4,000 words not to exceed 9,000 words. Preferred format for submission is: Times New Roman at 12 pt. font. Submission should include title, author name, author email, and word count of completed story. File type accepted is .doc, .docx, and .rtf. Submission must be made via [email protected]. Subject line for submission email should contain author’s name,State of Horror: Missouri. Though Charon Coin Press supports the fine men and women of the United States Postal Service, we cannot accept submissions through snail mail.

Stories may contain characters and worlds created in other stories published by the author as long as it meets the requirements of the theme of State of Horror: Missouri. If a submission has been previously released, please include information about the previously released story publication and the release date. Stories may not be published in any other form for twelve (12) months prior to or after release of the State of Horror: Missouri. NO multiple submissions. NO simultaneous submissions.

Charon Coin Press understands that sexual content and violence may be included in the stories. However, before inclusion of this type of content, please make sure that it is relevant to the story’s progression. In addition, the stories must meet the general publishing guidelines of Charon Coin Press and may not contain content portraying glorified rape, and hate language. We will also not accept any submissions with acts of violence or sex regarding children.

Submission is open between June 1, 2015 and October 1, 2015

The release of each book will have a promotional campaign. Authors who have had their submissions selected will be requested to participate in the marketing of the book in which they are included.

The State of Horror Anthologies is a royalty-only payment schedule plus a contributor paperback copy. The royalties are 50% of the sales per eBook, audiobook, and Print book divided between the authors, paid every six months. Each book will contain 13 stories.

Charon Coin Press will make every effort to announce selected stories within an appropriate window based on the number of submissions. All stories are blind reads on the part of the selection team and reading does not start until approximately one week after the close of submission.

We look forward to reading your submission.

Via: Charon Coin Press.


October 1, 2015