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Taking Submissions: GASPS

March 1

Deadline: March 1st, 2024
Payment: $30
Theme: Quiet horror
Note: Apologies on the short deadline, this just hit our inbox

Submission Call! Read veeery carefully. There’s a lot of information here.
GASPS is an anthology of Quiet Horror … from splatter authors.
Proving our versatility and skill … this collection sets out to unnerve and chill.
No theme other than the requirement that it fit into the “Quiet” category. Meaning no graphic gore or gross out content. Other than that … you write whatever you want! I want a variety of creative and unique stories, rather than stories that blur together with an overarching theme.
Also, of note, just because we’re writing more subtle stories doesn’t mean I want authors to avoid mature or dark themes. This is going to be a book marketed to adult readers, not children.

If you are not familiar with Quiet Horror, seek out the works of authors like Charles L. Grant, Ramsey Campbell, and T.M. Wright. If you’re struggling with the definition, the easiest way to describe it is that quiet horror is the exact opposite of extreme horror.
Submissions open January 20th and close on March 1st. I’m hoping to have a finished book released by July, but I’m still working on dates. As I’ve learned from SCRAPS … anything can happen.
3k to 6k words.
Six open spots!
Absolutely NO tabs key indents. Size 12, Times New Roman, Double Spaced paragraphs. Double lined too. Anything that doesn’t meet these requirements is automatically rejected.
Title your emails AND word documents GASPS SUBMISSION. In all caps. If you do not use this title for your email or word document, it will be automatically rejected. Emails must be sent to [email protected]!
Invited authors are all splatterpunks, but YOU don’t have to be an established or published splatterpunk author to submit your horror story. First time writers are as encouraged to join in just as popular faves are.
You will need to sign a contract, granting me exclusive publishing rights to the story for one year. After which, you can republish the story yourself!
50 dollar payments for invited authors.
30 dollar payments for accepted submissions.
All authors will receive physical copies of the book.
Reminder: QUIET HORROR. NO GORE. NO GROSS OUTS. If you’ve got a gory story … wait for my next anthology.

Via: Judith Sonnet’s Facebook.