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Belinda is back with the second week of August 2022’s Market Round Up!

Hello everyone! A couple neat things to talk about today, first up: we’ve updated our Trembling With Fear Submission Guidelines! These haven’t been touched in a couple of years, and we really wanted to clarify a few points on them. Secondly, one of our recent Author Interviews ended up on Microsoft Start! We would all LOVE it if you can throw us a follow on MSN!

Now, to show off some of our favorite open calls from the week:

Negative Feedback: The Double Slap,...
Negative Feedback: The Double Slap, By Nicole Sims

Indie Bookshelf Releases 08/19/2022

Got a book to launch, an event to promote, a kickstarter or seeking extra work/support as a result of being hit economically by Covid or life in general?

Get in touch and we’ll promote you here. The post is prepared each Thursday for publication on Friday. Contact us via Horror Tree’s contact address or connect via Twitter or Facebook.

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Taking Submissions: 2022 Weird Christmas Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Deadline: November 2nd, 2022
Prizes: Overall winner: $75, Prompt prizes: $50 for each of the three categories, $5 for every “honorable mention” (10-12 stories)
Themes: Stocking Stuffer, Christmas Cryptids, Weird Cards (Details for each below!)

I’m sweating, and my shorts are damp, which means it must be time to announce the FIFTH ANNUAL WEIRD CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CONTEST!

This is year number FIVE! Last year’s results are here. I’m sticking with the Prompt Categories this time which lets me give out four top prizes rather than just one or two. It’s still an experiment to see if this gets more or better submissions, and I figured one more year will give me a good sense whether to keep doing it this way.

But first, if you’re new to this, then “What,” you may ask, “the hell!?” I want your stories to help keep Christmas weird! This is a contest for flash fiction of no more than 350 words that’s somehow about Christmas and somehow about slapping a big ole scoop of oozy weird right in the middle of your Christmas pudding. What does that mean in particular? I don’t know! You’re the writer! Surprise me! Just make Christmas (or any other winter holiday) seem new and unsettling with a bit of that grinning like you’re not sure if it’s funny or creepy, and you’re on you way to fame and fortune as the winner of this little contest.


Setting Self Doubt on Fire: Improve Your Skills with the ProWritingAid Writers’ Weeklong Online Summits

Hi all, I’m back! I know it’s been a long time, but I’m still alive and here to share some more tips with you all.

So, what do I have for you today? I believe that learning is a great way to tackle your self-doubts and fears, so over the last couple of years, I’ve attended many webinars and online summits hoping to improve my writing craft and business skills. And today I want to talk to you about one of these events: the ProWritingAid Writers’ Weeklong Online Summits.  

ProWritingAid offers genre focused weeklong online summits every year. The two events I have attended are the fantasy week and the crime week because I write in these genres as well as horror. (Side note: I hope they eventually do a horror week)

Ongoing Submissions: Bullet Points Blog

Payment: The lesser of $0.10 per word or $500 (in US dollars)
Theme: Speculative military fiction

Bullet Points publishes speculative military fiction that is sensitive to the complexity, tragedy, and hope of warfare and violence in human (and nonhuman) society. The editor considers fiction stories from any author. Original stories run between 100 and 5,000 words, although reprints can deviate from this guideline. Authors retain all rights not specified in the publication agreement (signed only upon acceptance for publication). Payment is $30 for original stories and $20 for reprints, upon digital publication, via PayPal.


Taking Submissions: Level 1 2022 Fantasy Anthology

Deadline: November 28, 2022
Payment: $50
Theme: Endings & Epilogues

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2023 Level 1 Anthology. All writers of independent RPGs are invited to submit their work for consideration to be included in Level 1.

Suggested submission length is 500-1500 words. However games of any length will be
considered for inclusion. Each designer(s) may submit as many games as they want, though
only one game per designer(s) will be selected for inclusion in the anthology.

If chosen, contributors are compensated with a stipend of $50.

Ken MacGregor’s Unsolicited Advice on Doing Shows

Ken MacGregor’s Unsolicited Advice on Doing Shows

So you want to sell books to real people, in the real world, for real money. Okay. Cool. Let’s talk about that.

First things first, I know a lot of writers are, shall we say, not the most socially comfortable people in the world. I mean, I’m not one of those, but many are. To misquote the Tick, I’ve…heard of social anxiety. Before I was a writer, I was an actor. I did sketch comedy. I was a jury foreperson (not because I was necessarily the most qualified, but because I wasn’t afraid to express my opinion in the juror’s room). I have always been outgoing. Always loved being the center of attention. So, yeah. I have some tips.