Writing Prompt Wednesdays: First Person Point Of View

Writing Prompt Wednesdays: First Person Point Of View

Welcome to “Writing Prompt Wednesdays,” a haven where your imagination can roam free in the realms of speculative fiction. As we embark on this weekly journey, it’s thrilling to think about the untold stories waiting to be penned in the domains of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a budding wordsmith, these prompts are your gateway to unexplored worlds and untapped potentials.

Every Wednesday, we’ll serve up a fresh, thought-provoking prompt designed to ignite your creative spark and challenge your storytelling prowess. Think of these prompts as a key, unlocking the doors to uncharted territories where your creativity is the only limit. From eerie, shadow-laden corridors of Gothic horror to the farthest reaches of interstellar space, and the mystical depths of high fantasy, our prompts are a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to approach these prompts. They are mere stepping stones, guiding you towards the vast landscapes of your imagination. Use them to break free from writer’s block, to experiment with new ideas, or simply as a fun exercise to keep your writing skills sharp.

This week’s writing prompt:

In craft this week, I’m including an article I enjoyed from Mythcreants about first person point of view. Take a minute to read this one to determine the differences between distant and close first person. Often in my own writing, I considered what the article refers to as “distant” first person to be an error – something to edit and fix because it created too much narrative distance between the reader and character. This article shines a light on how that can actually be useful, and under which circumstances it can help the reader understand a character more deeply.

Mythcreants: “Writing in First-Person Point of View: Beyond the Basics

– Writing Exercise:
One of this week’s craft articles discusses first person point of view, and how it can be written close or distant. For your writing prompt this week, I challenge you to write a scene in first person – close or distant, your choice. The catch? Make it a nonhuman viewpoint. This can be the viewpoint of an alien or AI if you write science fiction, a fey or magical creature if you write fantasy, or a monster if you write horror. Whatever you chose to write, dig into the strengths of first person POV. See what you can capture from the unique first-person mindset of a nonhuman character.

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