Unholy Trinity: The Girl Who Dies in a Horror Movie by Margo Rife

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

The Girl Who Dies in a Horror Movie

The Girl who survives in a low-budget horror movie lives in constant fear.

The Girl who dies in a horror movie doesn’t follow society’s rules.

The Girl who survives never ventures out by herself. The Girl who dies goes off

the path alone while looking at her phone. The Girl who survives is an average girl

who looks over her shoulder and knows someone wants to hurt her.

The Girl who dies drinks too much, sleeps too little, drives too fast. The Girl who dies 

thinks life revolves solely around her.

For one girl to survive— must another girl die?

The Extra Who Wears a Red Shirt in a Star Trek Episode|

The Extra who dies first follows orders without question and never says to the Captain, “I’m not descending into that Alien sewer system with throbbing green bacteria.” The Extra blends in, never complains, and greets death like an old friend. The Extra who dies never even gets a name.

The Crew Member in the yellow shirt who survives stays close to Captain Kirk and jokes with the Captain while setting his phaser to stun. The Crew Member who survives has an uncle in the industry watching out for him. 

For this mission to Cassiopeia 5 to succeed-an Extra must fall.

The Person Listed to Die Before his Next Birthday

The Person listed to die before his next birthday on the Southern 

Life Insurance Mortality Table argues that his uncle lived to 96

and smoked 3 packs a day. The Person listed early to die dines on

pepperoni Hot Pockets while listening to conspiracy theories on the radio.

The Person listed to die early makes fun of those who visit their doctor,

floss, get colonoscopies and buckle their seat belts. The Person listed early to die

feeds his gut with grievances. Fuels his rage with ruminations. Refuses to revisit prejudice. Lives in Florida on a gator farm. Rest in Pieces.

Margo Rife

Margo seems to be drawn to small word count. As a playwright, she has had two short monologues performed by the Women’s Theatre Festival and MOJOAA Performing Arts. 

 She is also fascinated with flash fiction. It’s a new obsession and she hopes to someday meld her writing and graphic design skills.

Inspired by a member of her writing group, she is expanding into the horror genre. 

Plays available on NPX site. New Plays Exchange.com

Flash Fiction: Goodnight Shark, Down the Rabbit Hole Darkly, I am Cheetos…hear me roar, Diary of a Lazy Eye.

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