Taking Submissions: Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Volume 2

Deadline: May 15th, 2021
Payment: A contributor’s copy and: $0.04 per word for original fiction and $0.01 per word for a reprint
Note: Reprints welcome

Theme: A furry story involving a sex toy.

Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Vol 2, being an even numbered volume, will be published by the Fanged Fiction imprint. With the possibility to lean more towards the adult side, we decided on a theme that is certain is get the creative juices flowing, if you catch our drift.

This year’s theme: The Toy Box! The hyena grinned, pulling the box out from under her bed and opening it up. “Oh have I got something fun for us tonight…”

These stories are dedicated to the amorous accessories that spice up life in the bedroom: sex toys! Sometimes two bodies just aren’t enough. From classic fuzzy handcuffs to more modern inventions like a Sybian, these toys help add fun to our sexy times.

Some ideas to get you going:

  • He was expecting his girlfriend to maybe come home with some lingerie when he heard she was making a trip to the sex shop. Imagine his surprise when she comes home with a strap-on in hand, demanding he bend over.
  • Long-distance lovers on the kinky side decide to try a remote-control chastity cage. After weeks of teasing he’s finally allowed an orgasm—if he can grind one out while riding a dildo.
  • A rabbit confesses to her boyfriend that she’s always had a fantasy of having sex with a wolf. He purchases a wearable sleeve online and surprises his lady with some predator/prey roleplay.

Any accessory is up for grabs, from the rougher side with ropes and floggers to hitachi wands and butt plugs. Even sex swings could be on the table, not to mention whatever wild toys could exist in a sci-fi world. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination of you, the writer!

Word Count: 1,000 – 8,000 words. This is a fairly hard limit, and stories outside of this limit will have a very low chance of being accepted. If your story goes off the rails and ends up over 10k words, we have a separate, standalone market for that (see our submission guidelines page for more information on that market, and if it’s open or not). Don’t submit that to our anthologies, as it won’t get read.
Editors: Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps and Sean Gerace
Timeline: Submissions open January 15, 2021 and close May 15, 2021, to be published sometime in Q4 of 2021, most likely. More details on publication date to come at a later time.
Payment: $0.04 per word (maximum of $100 for a story) for original stories, or $0.01 per word (maximum of $25 for a story) for a reprint*. You will also receive a copy of the finished book.
Rights: We are asking for first rights on all original stories, exclusive for six months from the publication date, and then non-exclusive after that as long as the anthology remains for sale. For reprints*, non-exclusive rights as long as the anthology remains for sale.
Multiple Submissions: Maximum two submitted stories per author. We will only be accepting a maximum of one story per author.
Simultaneous Submissions: Never, for any of our markets.
Response Time: Initial responses will be sent out by Sean within 48 hours of submission (please note that if you don’t receive a response in this time frame that your response may either be in your junk mail box, or your email has blocked our reply, so get in touch with @goalpublication on Twitter). Final responses should be sent out within four weeks of the submission closing.
Content Warnings: Please make sure to include content warnings two line-breaks after your story ends. We will be including these warnings at the end of each story. While making sure your warnings are perfect for what’s require isn’t a huge deal, please make sure to include as many as you can. This even includes gender pairings for sexual situations in the story, including “solo”.

Content Requirements: Stories must fit with a “furry” theme, meaning that the main character(s) in your story must be anthropomorphic animals, having both traits of humans and animals. Feral-style animals with a human-level of intelligence (like Watership Down or our own Beyond Acacia Ridge) are not acceptable in our erotic volumes. For this specific volume, we’re also only asking for anthropomorphic animals, so other types of non-humans (think orcs and other beings with an appearance that’s a bit too human-like) are not the right fit for this anthology. If you have a question regarding this, feel free to send us a query.

As with the other stories in our catalog, we require your furry characters’ animal attributes to mean something. Think of things like:

  • How do social customs change? Do dogs sniff each other in greeting? Is that impolite in some cases and correct in others?
  • Would certain species struggle in certain climates?
  • Do prey species intermingle with predator species? Have they found a way around that part of the food chain?

These are, of course, just a few examples that could be in your story.

We do not allow the following items in any way, shape, or form:

  • Pedophilia, or any characters under the age of 18/age of maturity for their race to be portrayed in an erotic setting
  • NC (Non-consensual) elements (which includes bestiality and necrophilia, and any other types of beings that cannot consent). Please don’t even use them as plot points or a reason for someone’s past trauma. Just no.
  • Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other discrimination presented in a positive light (or at all, if possible)
  • Hardcore kinks (we’re going to leave this one vague on purpose, to encourage you to query us for what’s acceptable). We can describe it best this way: if too high of a percentage of readers would not just say “it’s not for me”, but could physically not deal with it, the answer will probably be no.

Please note that while we do accept reprints for this anthologies, stories may NOT be posted for free online at the time of submission, or at anytime after that until the book is published and the ebook is available for sale (this includes publications in free-to-read-online webzines). Some selling channels, including Amazon, will reject the entire anthology if they can find any of the stories available for free online, in any form.

Via: Fanged Fiction.

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