Taking Submissions: People of Color Destroy Lovecraft

Deadline: July 1st, 2020
Payment: 750-1500 words – $10, 350-749 words – $5, Reprints at $5 and $3 for the previous word counts.
Theme: POC characters that turn Lovecraft’s racism and monsters on his/their heads.
Note: Reprints Welcome

People of Color Destroy Lovecraft 

  • Lovecraft wrote some hella scary monsters, on that most horror scholars agree, but he was terribly racist. I would like to see for this issue, POC characters that turn Lovecraft’s racism and monsters on his/their heads. My preference for this issue is to have the majority of stories written by writers of color, if not all. Queer writers of color are especially encouraged to submit.
  • Flash/shorts (750-1500 words. No more, no less) for $10 per piece original, previously unpublished. Microfics (350-749 words) will pay at a $5 per story rate for original, previously unpublished stories.
  • Reprints will be accepted on this one. BUT will pay at a $5 rate for flash/shorts (750-1500 words) and $3 for microfics (350-749 words). You must identify your story as a reprint on the cover page of the manuscript and provide the market and date (mo/yr) where it was last published.
  • Please follow instructions on the Guidelines page and include your name, PayPal email, and word count (total, not approximate) on the first page of your story document.
  • Deadline July 1st, 2020. 

Via: The Were-Traveler.

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