Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

Taking Submissions: Inanimate Things: Volume One

Deadline: January 15th, 2023
Payment: $10 and a contributors copy
Theme: Horror about inanimate things that are living.

Inanimate Things: Volume One. 

We are looking for horror short stories between 2500 and 10,000 words in length (can go over a little bit, we aren’t too particular. Just not shorter than 2500 words) about inanimate things that are living. It could be a doll, the dead flesh of zombies, or your Ford F-150.

The story needs to involve this subject in some way…and be scary too.

Payment: Authors shall receive a payment of $10 along with a paperback & digital copy of the anthology once it is completed.

Rights: First Print and Electronic Publication rights, the non-exclusive rights to include the story in a print and digital book, and a one-year (12 month) period of exclusivity from the date of publication. We also ask permission to potentially include accepted stories in any future anthologies but will provide full payment and digital copy in compensation. All other rights remain entirely with the author.

OTHER STUFF: No poetry or reprints. No novel extracts. Authors are welcome to submit more than one story for the anthology (no more than two per author though) but please submit them in separate emails.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023.

Expected Publication Date: August 2023.

Email submissions to [email protected] with story either: 1) attached in Microsoft Word; or 2) with the entire story pasted inside the body of the email. Either one is fine. We try to reply and let you know if we are not using your submission within 3-4 weeks…but if you do not hear from us by the submission date (check your Spam folder) then we did not accept it.

Please put EXACTLY the following in the subject line: ATTN: SUBMISSION FOR INANIMATE THINGS. 

Via: Burial Books.

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