Taking Submissions: Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: 2 cents USD per word
Theme: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

This summer we will be publishing our first hardcover anthology. We’re looking for original 1k-8k word stories with off-beat characters, bungling detectives, or funny premises. Be creative, but make it about a mystery/crime, and make us laugh!

Payment is 2 cents USD per word, B&W comics $25 USD. Submit using the form below before June 1, 2021

If your story is accepted, a digital agreement must be signed and payment will be sent by PayPal to the email address you specify below.

We are a Mystery Writers of America approved publisher.

Details can be found below:

Via: Mystery Weekly Magazine.

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