Taking Submissions: Coffee Adventures

Deadline: June 28th, 2024
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Science Fiction or Fantasy coffee stories!

The perfect cuppa joe. The nectar of the gods. The safety liquid you hand your partner in the morning. We love the stuff, and can’t get enough. But how did we FIND that amazing bean? We invite our authors to visit our favorite coffee merchant, King Harv’s Coffee, and pick a variety from his amazing list. Then write a fantastical story about the detective work, the journey, the adventure of finding the oh-so-perfect bean. Was there a coffee shop on that asteroid? And where did they get the brew? Don’t limit yourself to this planet! OR SF! Sword and Sorcery works too!

From Dave at King Harv’s Coffee: It all began when we took over the dome at the old South Pole station for the use as a coffee greenhouse. As you undoubtedly well know, the coffee was banned from world trade to by that ridiculous Antarctic treaty, and it became clear to us that coffee grown on alternate planets and celestial objects was the only thing that made economic sense. Shockingly this has never been reported on in the main stream media!

Opens: 4/8/24
Contracts: 7/13/24
Publication: 8/9/24

Guidelines for all our anthologies:

5,000 to 8,000 words. Length and genre are negotiable, as long as the story fits the concept, and is entertaining. Any submission must be in Times New Roman, 12PT, double spaced, with your name, title of the story, and your email on it. Please name the file as [STORYTITLE]-[YOURLASTNAME]—[ANTHOLOGYTITLE] Send in a .docx format. Please attach the file to your email, no links. Please see the submission guideline graphic on the Raconteur Press Facebook page.

Raconteur Press will hold the rights for one year after publication, after one year the rights will revert to the author, but we continue to pay you as long as the anthology is selling. Authors receive an equal percentage share of the proceeds from the anthology, along with the Press, our editors, and administration. Yes, you read that right. We don’t take 80% off the top and split the 20% left over between all the authors. We’re all in this together. This is why our anthologies are limited to ten stories.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE do NOT submit stories until the date the call opens. We don’t want to hang on to your piece for longer than necessary. You might find another market for it, or it decides to grow into a novel, or…..so go ahead and write it, but tuck it away, and revisit it before submitting.

Raconteur Press uses Pubshare (pubshare.com) to distribute payments and handle tax forms for anthology authors, so authors who contribute must have a free pubshare account.

IMPORTANT: when you set up your Pubshare account you MUST choose the method by which you want to receive your royalties. There are currently two choices: PayPal at the beginning of each month, or paper cheque each quarter. BE SURE that you have chosen a method of payment and input the required information. If you don’t Pubshare will hang on to your royalties until you choose and method of payment and input the required information.

Submit to: racpresssubmissions[at}gmail.com

(Questions about our publishing schedules can be addressed to Production[at]raconteurpress.com)

Via: Raconteur Press.

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