Epeolatry Book Review: The Extravaganza Eternia by Kristin Osani


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Title: The Extravaganza Eternia
Author: Kristin Osani
Genre: Fantasy and Mystery
Publisher: Ghost Orchid Press
Publication Date: 23rd July, 2024

Synopsis: Supernatural circus performer Leathan doesn’t let herself get close to anyone. It’s too painful when her curse literally rips those connections out of her heart. That’s why she does her best to weed out the friendship sprouting between her and Renni, the gregarious star of the show.
When Renni is murdered, the ringmaster tasks Leathan with catching his killer. But all signs indicate the culprit is one of the Extravaganza’s own, and the more she learns about her fellow troupers, the farther she feels from the truth—and the closer she is to forming fatal new attachments.
A darkly fantastical mystery reminiscent of The Night Circus and Even Though I Knew the End, THE EXTRAVAGANZA ETERNIA will enchant and delight.