Bad News… Fireside Will Stop Publishing Later This Year

I come to you with bad news. Another publisher of amazing fiction that has paid its authors decently is going out of business. By the end of the year, Fireside Publishing will be no more. They have put out some amazing books and an awesome magazine since it was created. Sadly, due to budget, time, and more – Fireside is closing its doors. They will still be releasing the content that they have paid for and are under contract to publish but nothing new is being accepted by the press.

Here is what Brian J. White had to say on Fireside’s Official Website:

When I launched the first Fireside Kickstarter 10 years ago, it was an experiment in online publishing and crowdfunding, and an attempt to hike the standard of pay for writers up much higher than was considered the norm at the time. I wasn’t sure that first campaign would succeed, and back then I would never have guessed that we’d be where we are today, 100 issues into a run of amazing fiction, poetry, essays, art, editing, and more.