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Taking Submissions: Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores June 2021- EARLY

Deadline: June 3rd, 2021
Payment: 6 cents per word for original, 2 cents for reprints
Theme: Well written original work in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world.
Note: Reprints welcome



Submissions Schedule

We have a new submissions schedule as of June 1, 2020:
The first and second day of every month, 12 am of the 1st to 12 am of the 3rd, E.S.T.
Only one submission per person.

For reading impaired individuals, our submissions manager and ‘forget password’ have a captcha compatible with screen readers.

We pay 6¢ per word for new fiction, 2¢ per word for fiction reprints, 2 – 6¢ per word for new fact-based work, 1- 4¢ per word for reprinted fact articles.
For new poetry, we pay $1 a line, reprints would be 50¢ a line, up to 40 lines. We’ll look at longer poems but that would be a hard sell, and words over 40 lines would be paid at 6¢ per word.

We began The Kepler Award to recognize and encourage writers of excellent science fiction and fantasy stories that creatively extrapolate on known science in constructive and exciting ways. You can learn about The Kepler Award here.

You can read a copy of our standard contract here.   It can be varied as needed to include the rights of translators, voice actors, etc.


Taking Submissions: Deadly Love

Deadline: July 9th, 2021
Payment: Two-Sentence Stories: $10, Flash Fiction: $25 per story, Short Stories: $50 per story
Theme: Deadly Love
Note: Reprints welcome at a lower, undisclosed pay rate.

The second issue of Dark Dispatch will be a themed issue, featuring stories on Deadly Love. Let your mind wander to the dark places and share your horror love stories about relationships gone wrong. This submission call opens May 5, and will be open until July 9, 2021.

Submission Guidelines

Opens May 5 to submissions of original works focusing on the theme of deadly love.

Clarification: romantic horror should be an element in the story. It should focus on love gone wrong. The stories can fall within the dark fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and crime genres.

Submission window closes July 9 at midnight EDST. We accept submission of the following: (more…)

MasterClass’s Newest Course Features Acclaimed SF&F Author N. K. Jemisin

MasterClass’s Newest Course Features Acclaimed SF&F Author N. K. Jemisin


Our reviews may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the links in this article we may receive a small commission or referral fee. This happens without any additional cost to you.

Now writers who are looking to hone their craft and break into publishing have the opportunity to learn from the author whom the New York Times calls “the most celebrated science fiction and fantasy writer of her generation.” 


  1. K. Jemisin is a celebrated author whose work has received no shortage or praise in recent years. In 2018, she became the first author to win three consecutive Best Novel Hugos for The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, and The Stone Sky. Her work has also garnered a Nebula Award and two Locus Awards. 


Her new master class contains 16 video lessons containing about four hours of content. The lesson plan includes:

Trembling With Fear 05/16/21

I’m moving! I hope. Two possible dates given as I write this. If things get slightly delayed in terms of responses from me for TWF, this is why. Hopefully the move goes smoothly and I get internet sorted relatively quickly, but who knows, the way this year has gone! In the meantime, the boxes around me are multiplying. I’m still trying to write but this is all very distracting.

I’m also another year older. Fifty-seven yes, but age is completely irrelevant in the writing industry as far as I’m concerned – nobody is ever too old.

Before we go to the stories, here’s my usual weekly reminder to check out the submission guidelines for TWF. Also remember we are currently closed to short stories (unless for one of the Specials) but open to drabbles, unholy trinities and serials.

Our first story in Trembling With Fear this week is Mare Factory by Daniel Purcell. I really enjoyed the way it was told, almost as if in confidence, inviting you in to join in the horror and madness as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Find Me by Toshiya Kamei continues to introduce us to a story fixed in another culture which I love. I don’t even mind looking up unknown words, it keeps things fresh and broadens my knowledge.

Parting by Patrick Winters is an ending with a difference, beautifully written.

Puddle of Blood by Kim Plasket is a piece submitted as prose but the formatting gave it a poetic form and I read it as such. The idea of this puddle being observed and not claimed, waiting for the guilty party is something that particularly grabbed me.

Enjoy our stories and send in yours!



Stephanie Ellis

Editor, Trembling With Fear

For those who have asked, the entire house situation has gone sideways. I’ll shoot out an update when we know exactly what is happening. Needless to say, that has been all time-consuming as of late.
That being said, you may have noticed the site responding quite a bit quicker! We’ve got both new resources on the back end and the front end which will hopefully have response times up. If you do come across any strange things, do reach out so we can make sure they are fixed asap! Our temporarily new front page layout will likely be able to go up quicker due to these speed increases. Huzzah!

As to Trembling With Fear, we’re eagerly looking for new drabble and the new anthology (I know that I’ve said this before) is getting much closer! 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend and upcoming week!

Stuart Conover

Editor, Horror Tree


What Happens “When A Pantser Plots”?


By Mark Allan Gunnells


You may have heard it said that writers tend to fall into two categories: Plotters (the ones who do detailed outlines before writing the first word) and Pantsers (the ones who don’t outline but “fly by the seat of their pants,” discovering the story as they go). I don’t know if it’s always such a strict dichotomy, there can be a mix of the two, but for me personally, I’ve always been a pantser.


It’s not that I go in totally blind. I usually have a vague idea of where I’m going, but no real map of how I’m going to get there. And then sometimes I don’t get there at all and the story ends up somewhere completely different than I originally thought. I find storytelling more an act of discovery than strict creation, and that thrills me.


However, with my new novel Before He Wakes, I ventured more into plotter territory. I actually sat down and drafted an outline before I started the first chapter. For this particular story, I felt I had to. You see, Before He Wakes is an obstacle novel (I’m not sure that’s a real term, I may have coined it), in which the characters have to overcome a series of obstacles to obtain their goal. Because of this, I felt it was very important that I know beforehand what obstacles they would encounter and exactly how they would get through them. I didn’t want to get halfway through and discover I’d gotten them into a situation from which they couldn’t possibly escape.


So I did a chapter-by-chapter outline, which meant during the entire writing process, I knew exactly what was coming next.


Sort of.


I couldn’t completely give up my pantser ways, so even within the outline I built in the freedom to explore and discover. Yes, I knew each obstacle and its solution, but some parts of the outline were very loose. For instance, for chapter eleven, my outline merely said, “Meet Clare’s parents.” I didn’t know exactly who these people were or even what they would be doing in the chapter, so when I got to chapter eleven, I knew it would deal with Clare’s parents, but I still had the fun of going in relatively blind and letting that develop as I actually wrote it. I had several chapters with that kind of freedom built in. So even in my plotting, I got to do a little pantsing. 


It was actually a joyous experience doing it differently. I’ll probably always be primarily a pantser, but I respect plotters. And I celebrate the fact that there is no one way to do this, and any path that gets you closer to the story you want to tell is the right path.


Unholy Trinity: The Corn Maze by Melody E. McIntyre

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.


Mary regretted coming here. She hated being lost in this corn maze. It was yet another one of Julie’s ridiculous–and annoying–ideas. The labyrinthine twists were never ending. Mary pushed through the stalks, ignoring the proper path.

Mud squelched underfoot and splashed her pants. The stain shone red in the moonlight. 


A lot of blood.

A black figure with a dripping machete stepped into view. Mary readied a pen from her purse like a knife. It was tiny next to her enemy’s weapon, but she refused to go easy. 

She hoped her friends would have time to escape.


Pity drove Linda into the corn maze. Her friends were always so mean to Julie. Linda did little to stop them. The complexity of Julie’s maze impressed her  and soon Linda was lost and alone. 

A scream tore through the air around her.

“Just a cow,” she lied to herself.

A black figure blocked her path. Moonlight glinted off a long, silver machete in its hand.

Linda tore through the winding rows, only to round a bend directly into her hunter’s path. 

Blood welled up into her mouth as the blade pierced her lungs. 

Linda pitched forward into the dirt.


Julie wiped the machete against her black robes. The plan progressed perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. The gouge in her arm from Mary burned. Wielding the machete in her left instead of right hand made her clumsy, but Julie still had the advantage. This was her family farm. No one would escape her corn maze or her rage.

Her friends no longer invited her to their parties, so she invited them to her own. 

  Five out of six already hung on their crosses. Julie crept through the maze after the last one. 

Time to complete her collection of scarecrows.

Melody E. McIntyre

Melody lives in Ontario and has loved reading and writing her entire life. Her favourite genres to write are horror and mystery. She has published several short pieces of dark fiction and is always working on more. She studied Classics in University and remains obsessed with the ancient world to this day. Twitter: @evamarie41 Facebook: Blog:

Taking Submissions: Enchanted Conversation: 2021 July Issue (Early Listing)

Submission Window: June 1st-3rd 2021
Payment: $50
Theme: Healers, Midwives and Cunning Folk.

Hi there! We’ll no doubt write more about this later in the next year, but for now, what follows below will tell you all you need to know.

And the theme? It’s “Healers, Midwives and Cunning Folk.”

(No more submissions are being accepted for publication in December of 2020–but we will be publishing stories that have already been accepted.)

The following is relevant to all submissions for 2021, and the first submission window opens Jan. 1. More below.


Writing opportunities for 2021 include:


New Fairy Tales: Fairy tales that are almost or entirely new or are just new takes on old tales are all welcome. Mashups of existing fairy tales are welcome as well. Submissions must follow the theme below to be considered.


Essays: Nonfiction articles about any aspect fairy tales and folklore are being sought. The term “essay” just means you’ll be writing about fairy-tale related matters in a nonfiction article.  Creative nonfiction is welcome. You do not have to stick to the theme, but you can.


Poetry: Poetry inspired by fairy tales and that follows the theme is also welcome.


Please read the following in its entirety before submitting.


Want to know what is likely to get published here? There are well over 10 years of stories, essays and art on this current site. It’s the best place to start if you want to be published here.




Indie Bookshelf Releases 05/14/21

Click on the book covers for more information. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page – there’s all sorts lurking in the deep.

Got a book to launch, an event to promote or seeking extra work/support as a result of being hit economically by Covid? Get in touch and we’ll promote you here. The post is prepared each Thursday for publication on Friday. Contact us via Horror Tree’s contact address or connect via Twitter or Facebook.



Book Covers! – Gemma Amor, artist and writer, will have slots available in May to work on ‘watercolour, acrylic, all sorts. Colour or black and white.’ Get in touch with her on twitter.


write a blog post or article on any topic Brianna Morgan – writer for hire. Got a project you’d like her help with? She’ll write a blog post/article on almost anything, up to 500 words for $5. Go here for more information. She will also be adding more services to her freelance services site , including: – Audiobook project setup and management – Awards research and submission – Events coordination – KDP ebook and paperback file setup. Let her know if you have requests!


Please send us details of any online panels, conventions, festivals and workshops and we’ll list them here.

Facebook online book launch event with author John Dover. 15 May at 03:30 UTC+01 – 15 May at 04:30 UTC+01






Charity Anthologies


 Tales Of The Lost Volume Two- A charity anthology for Covid- 19 Relief: Tales To Get Lost In A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY FOR COVID-19 RELIEF by [Gaiman, Neil,, Hill, Joe,, Johnson, Eugene M,]  Flashes of Hope by [Anna Taborska, Dave Jeffery, Amy Grech, Matthew Davis, John Cady, Emma Lee, Gwen Weir, Ken Goldman, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin]    


Latest Book Launches

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1st June

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They Slipped Through the Net!

Oct 2020 It Calls From the Sky: Terrifying Tales from Above by [C.A. McDonald, Chris Hewitt, Chris Lilienthal, Christopher Bond, E.L. Giles, Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Nettleton, G. Allen Wilbanks, G.A. Alexander, Jay Sandlin, Joel R Hunt, Kimberly Rei, M. A. Hoyler, Marc Sorondo, Marie McWilliams, McKenzie Richardson, R. L. Meza, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, Sarah Jane Justice, T.M. Brown, Tim Mendees, V. A. Vazquez, Matthew Brady, Michelle River, Alanna Robertson-Webb]20th Mar


15th Dispossessed by [Piper Mejia] 15th She Who Rules the Dead by [Maria Abrams]16th Agoraphobia: A Short Story by [Rami Ungar] 18th Creepy Sheen by [Rebecca Gransden]

19th A New Daybreak: A Savannah Zombie Novel (Savannah Zombie Novel series Book 3) by [Josh Vasquez, Valhalla Books Publisher]20th Nunchuck City by [Brian Asman, Lucas Mangum]20th The Nirvana Effect by [Brian Pinkerton] 22nd

23rd Dark Missives by [Dan Howarth]22nd Malinae by [Josh Schlossberg] 27th Gulf by [Shelly Campbell]27th

27th Image 27th Coffin Dodgers: You'll Either Die a Hero, Or Live Long Enough to Become a Grey by [Matthew Clarke]28th I is for Internet (A to Z of Horror Book 9) by [Tim O'Neal, Carlton Herzog, Astrid Addams, Donovan Smith, Steven Streeter, Doris V. Sutherland, Heidi Hunter, Robb White, Shannon Lawrence, D.C. Hill] 29th Bayou Whispers by [R.B. Wood, Crystal Lake Publishing]

30th Derelict: A Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Series (AFTER: A POST-APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR SERIES) by [T.M. Brown, Eerie River Publishing]



1st 1st 4th 6th Burrows: A Cryptid Horror by [Shaun Horton, Lynda Dietz]

11th The Crucifixion Experiments by [Gord Rollo] 12th SIX! by [Mark Cassell]14thBefore He Wakes by [Mark Allan  Gunnells, Crystal Lake Publishing] 14th A Place Beyond the Storm (AFTER: A POST-APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR SERIES) by [David Green, Eerie River Publishing]

7th Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by [Hailey Piper]15th 18th Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by [HOWL Society, Shane Hawk, Alex Wolfgang, Christopher O'Halloran, J.W. Donley, Solomon Forse, Amanda DeMel, Lindsey Ragsdale, P.L. McMillan, Grady Hendrix] 21st It Calls From the Sea by [Eerie River Publishing]

24th Dr. Marvellus Djinn's Odd Scholars 25th The Fearing: The Definitive Edition by [John FD Taff, Anthony Rivera, Ray Garton] 27th The Mummy Kills The Brides by [Erik Handy] 28th May be an image of 1 person and text that says "TOM DEADY OF MEN AND MONSTERS"


1st Malignant Summer by [Tim Meyer] 1st WITH TEETH (Preorder)1st 1st Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by [Eric LaRocca]

1st Sacrament (Father of Lies Trilogy Book 3) by [Steve Stred]18th 24th TBA


20th 23rd Beyond Human TBA


Dream ReaperSatan’s Edge: The Edge Series, Book 6May be an image of text that says "UNKNOWING, I SINK A STRANGE AND HORRIFY ING NOVELLA TIMOTHY G HUGUENIN"



Cafe Macabre II‘This is an all female horror anthology that also features original artwork by indie artists. There are some nice rewards for backing this project such as art prints. Also, you will be helping support Women in Horror. Remember, if you can’t back it, another great way to support it is by sharing.’

Go here for more info.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team