Ongoing Submissions: Stanchion

Payment: $10 and a contributors copy
Theme: Anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Our door is always open because future issues of Stanchion are always being assembled.

We are looking for original, never-before-published (nope, not even on your blog) short story writing (<2500 words), creative nonfiction, poetry, prose poems, flash fiction, stray thoughts, interviews with inanimate objects, comics, illustrations, black & white photography (portrait-oriented images are preferred), b&w drawings, and other evocative images of mixed media artwork (also in black and white). There is no thematic throughline for issues of Stanchion: happy, sad, melancholic, horror, sentimental (without being sappy) — anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Money and Rights:

All creators who have original/never before published work accepted for publication will receive $10 and one complimentary copy of that issue of Stanchion.

You retain all rights to your work! We only request that you do not republish/reuse the work again in the same quarter the issue is published.


Stanchion is a safe, open place to submit your work for consideration. No matter where you’re from, what you look like, or who you love, you’re welcome to become a part of the Stanchion family.

What To Send:

We want to get to know you, so a brief bio is nice as are your social media handles/links. Please use a standard font, size 12 or thereabouts, and title your submissions: yourname_titleofpiece. Please send each story in a separate document, but feel free to include up to three poems in a single doc.

If you are submitting to multiple publications, that’s a-okay but please let us know if one of your pieces submitted to Stanchion gets accepted elsewhere. (Also, congrats in advance if that happens!)


We’re a small operation with a big heart. We aim to respond to you within a few weeks.

Thank you for trusting Stanchion with your creativity, your art, your voice, and your work. We’ll take good care of it and share it with people who will appreciate it.

Via: Stanchion Magazine.

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