Ongoing Submissions: Nature’s ‘Futures’

Payment: SFWA approves though rate isn’t specified.


Futures is the award-winning science-fiction section of Nature and it accepts unsolicited articles. Each Futures piece should be an entirely fictional, self-contained story of around 850–950 words in length, and the genre should, broadly speaking, be ‘hard’ (that is, ‘scientific’) SF rather than, say, outright fantasy, slipstream or horror. Each item should be sent as a Word document attachment to [email protected], including full contact details and a 30-word autobiographical note to be appended to the story if published.

We ask contributors not to send presubmission enquiries but to send the whole story. Unsolicited artwork is not considered. Before submitting, prospective authors are advised to read earlier Futures stories at; selected examples are also available here. More detailed guidelines can be found at

Via: Nature.

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